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Metal Scavenging Screening Service

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Having problem removing any leftover metal catalyst?


Take advantage of SiliCycle's expertise in metal removing capabilities!
Our R&D team can find the optimal conditions for you.

Metal Scavenger Screening Services are innovative as they provide an on-hand solution to the pharmaceutical and manufacturing industries. Working with the product that needs to be free of residual metals and the restricted conditions that can be used with the compound (solvent, temperature), SiliCycle’s Metal Scavenger Screening Service will quickly develop the most efficient metal scavenging process (time and cost savings) under confidentiality, as in most of the cases it involves working with API or other patented materials, and will insure an easy technology transfer.

Do like many major pharmaceutical companies and contact us to discuss how we can help you to reach your metal purity goals. Many screening services adapted to customer’s needs & budgets are available.

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