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SiliaMetS® - Metal Scavengers Features and Benefits

SiliaMetS Metal Scavengers are functionalized silica gels designed to react and bind excess metal complexes. The process for using scavengers is outlined in the scheme below.

Features & Benefits of SiliaMetS Metal Scavengers
Features Benefits
No leaching No API contamination by the metal scavenger
Very High Purity Each SiliaMetS product manufactured is submitted to a very rigorous quality control in order to provide customers with default-free products and insure 100% satisfaction
High Selectivity Total recovery of the API
Wide Range of Metal Affinities (various oxidation state) Efficient for a wide range of metal catalysts
Fast Kinetic Even at room temperature
Cost Efficient Low cost per gram of metal scavenged
Less solvent used
Solvent Compatibility Can be used in any solvent, aqueous (pH 2 to 12) and organic
New Technologies Compatibility Suitable for use in microwave synthesizers and flow chemistry
Excellent Stability (Thermally and Mechanically) Works well with overhead stirring
Can withstand very high temperatures
Ease of Use & Scalable No swelling or static charge
Remove easily from a simple filtration
Scalable from mg up to multi-ton scale
Flexible Formats Amenable to use in SiliaSep & SiliaPrep Cartridges
Controlled Loading Consistent and accurate loading insure lot-to-lot reproducibility
Available at Bulk Quantities Proced in large quantities and always in stock