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SiliaCat®- Catalyst Screening Service


Looking for the right SiliaCat Heterogeneous Catalyst to use? Contact us to take advantage of SiliCycle’s expertise in catalysis. Our R&D team can find the optimal conditions for you.

Our Catalyst Screening Service is innovative because it provides a turn key solution to the pharmaceutical and manufacturing industries. Working with the substrates you identify, SiliCycle’s chemists will quickly develop the most efficient catalysis process (which catalyst and solvent to use, optimal concentrations, etc).

We guarantee confidentiality, since in most cases our screening service requires us to work with APIs or other patented materials. This will ensure an easy technology transfer.

Make the call many major pharmaceutical companies have already made. Contact us to discuss how we can help you to reach your goals. Many screening services are available to fit your needs and budget.

SiliaCat - Regulatory Information

SiliaCat Heterogeneous Catalysts are being used more and more by GMP pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and fine chemical industries as well as contract research and manufacturing organizations. Many have run their own analysis proving SiliaCat can safely be used without compromising the purity of their compounds due to leaching.

SiliCycle is committed to high quality standards and strives to provide default-free products. In doing so, all products are manufactured in an ISO 9001:2008 compliant facility and submitted to a stringent quality control. Every lot must meet the quality specifications to be released for sale and a sample from every batch is kept for subsequent analysis. All products are shipped with the following information:

  • Certificate of Analysis
  • Purity (Leachables and extractables)
    Molecular loading
    Surface Coverage
    Volatile Content
  • Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS)
  • BSE/TSE Declaration (no animal origin)
  • Relevant Technical Information

Need specific regulatory files? SiliCycle can work with you to fulfill your requirements. We can provide custom regulatory documentations that include specific analytical tests in line with your needs.

> contact us for more information

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  1. SiliaCat DPP-Pd Heterogeneous Catalyst (R390-100)

    SiliaCat DPP-Pd Heterogeneous Catalyst (R390-100)

    Typical Applications: Suzuki, Heck, Sonogashira, Kumada, Stille and Buchwald amination
  2. SiliaCat TEMPO Heterogeneous Catalysts (R723-100)

    SiliaCat TEMPO Heterogeneous Catalysts (R723-100)

    Typical Applications: Oxidation of alcohols or Aldehydes
  3. SiliaCat Pd0 Heterogeneous Catalysts (R815-100)

    SiliaCat Pd0 Heterogeneous Catalysts (R815-100)

    Typical Applications: Suzuki, Heck Sonogashira, Kumada, Stille, Selective debenzylation, Selective hydrogenation
  4. SiliaCat Pt0 Heterogeneous Catalyst (R820-100)

    SiliaCat Pt0 Heterogeneous Catalyst (R820-100)

    Typical Applications: Selective reduction of nitroarenes, Hydrosilylation
  5. SiliaCat complete heterogeneous catalysts kit (K305-100), including: SiliaCat DPP-Pd, SiliaCat Pd0, SiliaCat Pt0 and SiliaCat TEMPO

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