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SiliaChrom®- HILIC HPLC Columns

SiliaChrom HILIC (Hydrophilic Interaction Chromatography) HPLC columns are designed to retain highly polar analytes. SiliaChrom HILIC has a selectivity that is complementary to the one of reversed-phase columns. In fact, it has a higher retention for hydrophilic compounds in HILIC mode. HILIC sorbent is more stable and reproducible than normal phase silica or amino columns. This phase is ideal for MedChem laboratories and approved for SFC application.

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Main Characteristics

  • Unique chemistry (urea)
  • Accepts normal and reversed phases conditions
  • Best replacement for amino HPLC column
  • Provides high efficiency and rapid equilibration
  • Enhanced sensitivity in mass spectrometry
  • Non-endcapped
Columns Pore Size Particle Size Surface Area Carbon Loading
HILIC 100Å 3, 5 µm 410-440 m2/g 8%
Columns pH Range Temperature Limit* Pressure Limit USP Code
HILIC 2,0-8,0 65°C 5000 psi N/A

* At pH range 5 to 7,5

Available column types: Fast analysis, Analytical, Semi-Preparative, Preparative


Application Note

Separation of Vitamin B Complex and Vitamin C

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