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SiliaChrom®- SAX HPLC Columns

SiliaChrom SAX HPLC Columns provide excellent resolution and peak shape for anionic analytes. SiliaChrom SAX is used for specific applications including pesticides, herbicides, pharmaceuticals, inorganic anions and biological species such as nucleotides and glucosinolates.


Main Characteristics

  • Narrow peak shape
  • Rapid equilibration
  • Compatible with organic modifiers
  • Provide high efficiency and rapid separations
  • Endcapped


Columns Pore Size Particle Size Surface Area Carbon Loading
SAX 100-300Å 3, 5 µm 380 m2/g 6%
Columns pH Range Temperature Limit* Pressure Limit USP Code
SAX 2,0-8,5 45°C 5000 psi L14

* At pH range 5 to 7,5

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