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SiliaChrom®- SB HPLC Columns

The SiliaChrom SB C8 and C18 are specially designed for the separation of polar and mid-polar compounds from low to medium pH. A class of columns offering excellent performance for LC-MS applications. More Information

The surface of SiliaChrom SB C8 and C18 are treated with an organic form of silicon to increase the number of silanol groups on the surface. After this, the surface is bonded with an octadecylsilane with two different fonctions. One of them is a protecting group that shields the area under it and protects the surface from an acid attack from the mobile phase.


Main Characteristics

  • Extremely low pH Limits (0,5-7,5)
  • Extremely low bleed for LC-MS applications under acidic conditions
  • Compatible with mobile phases ranging 100% aqueous to 100% organic
  • Non-endcapped

More Information


Columns Pore Size Particle Size Surface Area Carbon Loading
C18 150Å 3, 5 µm 200-220 m2/g 12%
C8 150Å 3, 5 µm 200-220 m2/g 7%
Columns pH Range Temperature Limit* Pressure Limit USP Code
C18 0,5-7,5 50°C 4500 psi L01
C8 0,5-7,5 50°C 4500 psi L07

* At pH range 5 to 7,5
Available column types:
Fast analysis, Analytical, Semi-Preparative, Preparative


Application Notes

Melamine in Food

LC-MS Pseudoephedrine in Plasma

LC-MS Hydrochlorothiazide in Human Plasma

LC-MS Glipizide in Human Plasma

LC-MS Amlodipine in Bovine Serum

LC-MS Propranolol in Bovine Serum

Evaluation Testing for Low pH

Column Performance Evaluation

Siliachrom sbc18 ethylbenzene

SiliaChrom SB C18, 5 µm, 4,6x150 mm (SiliCycle P/N: H101805H-N150)
ACN:Water:TFA (59:39:2) pH = 1,0
Detector: UV 270 nm
Temperature: 23,0°C
Flow rate: 1,00 mL/min

Time Retention Time Tailling Factor Theoretical Plates
(h) Ethylbenzene (min) Ethylbenzene (USP) Ethylbenzene (USP)
0 5,91 1,01 14014
24 5,89 1,02 14085
48 5,77 1,02 14023
72 5,83 1,02 14076
96 5,85 1,01 14087
120 5,84 1,02 14050
SD 0,05 0,01 32
Mean 5,85 1,02 14056
RSD (%) 0,84 0,51 0,23



New Generation of HPLC Silica-Based C18 Column for Both Highly Acidic and Basic pH: The SiliaChrom SB C18 and SiliaChrom XT C18 Fidelity

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