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SiliaChrom®- XDB1 HPLC Columns

SiliaChrom XDB1 phases present the wider range of polarity of SiliCycle HPLC columns (C18 to normal phase). This phase presents the maximum bonding density for all polarities. This allows least interaction between the analytes and the surface OH's. This phase is not recommended for samples containing highly hydrophobic compounds.

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SiliaChrom XDB1 C18: Designed for maximum hydrophobicity and efficient for dirty samples.


SiliaChrom XDB1 C8: Less hydrophobic than C18 but good C8 for high pH.


SiliaChrom XDB1 C4: Exceptionnally stable C4 with high bonding coverage at low silanol activity.


SiliaChrom XDB1 CN: Maximum hydrophobicity and accepts normal and reversed conditions.

xdb1-cn.jpg logo-sfc-approved.jpg

SiliaChrom XDB1 Si: Designed for normal phase conditions, presents high surface area and low metal content.

xdb1-si.jpg logo-sfc-approved.jpg

SiliaChrom XDB1 PHENYL: Highly retensive phase for aromatic and unsaturated compounds.


SiliaChrom® XDB1 DIOL: Excellent for normal phase applications with more hydrophobic activity.

xdb1-diol.jpg logo-sfc-approved.jpg

SiliaChrom XDB1 AMINO: Superior general purpose amino phase, recommanded for normal phase analysis and excellent for sugar analysis.


Main Characteristics

  • Wide pH range
  • High Carbon loading
  • Very stable for agressive mobile phases
  • Accepts large injection volume (50 µL and more)
  • Double endcapped
Columns Pore Size Particle Size Surface Area Carbon Loading
C18 100-300Å 3, 5 µm 380-400 m2/g 22%
C8 100-300Å 3, 5 µm 380-400 m2/g 14%
C4 100-300Å 5 µm 380-400 m2/g 7%
CN 100-300Å 5 µm 380-400 m2/g 5%
PHENYL 100-300Å 5 µm 380-400 m2/g 12%
Si 100-300Å 3, 5 µm 380-400 m2/g N/A
DIOL 100-300Å 5 µm 380-400 m2/g 5%
AMINO 100-300Å 5 µm 380-400 m2/g 6%
Columns pH Range Temperature Limit* Pressure Limit USP Code
C18 1,5-10,0 60°C 5500 psi L01
C8 1,5-8,5 60°C 5500 psi L07
C4 1,5-8,5 60°C 5500 psi L26
CN 2,0-8,5 60°C 5500 psi L10
PHENYL 1,5-9,0 60°C 5500 psi L01
Si 1,0-8,0 45°C 4000 psi L03
DIOL 2,0-8,0 45°C 4000 psi L20
AMINO 2,0-8,5 45°C 4000 psi L08

* At pH range 5 to 7,5

Available column types: Fast analysis, Analytical, Semi-Preparative, Preparative

Application Note

Evaluation of SiliaChrom XDB1 C18 by USP and NIST Approches
(Pharmacopeia Forum 31 (2005) 637, NIST SRM 870 certificate issue: 19th december 2002 valid until: 30th september 2010)

SiliaChrom XDB1 C18, 5 µm, 4,6x150 mm
Methanol/10 mM potassium phosphate monobasic + 10 mM potassium phosphate dibasic (pH: 7,00) (80/20)
Temperature: 23,0°C
Flow Rate: 1,00 mL/min
Detector: UV 254 nm
Injection Volume: 1 µL


Compounds Retention Time Peak Asymmetry Factor Theoretical Plates

(min) (USP) (USP)
Uracil 1,49 1,27 3778
Toluene 4,86 1,09 12144
Ethylbenzene 6,40 1,02 13026
Quinirazine 12,24 1,07 11525
Amitriptyline 13,66 1,76 8190


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