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SiliaChrom®- XT & XT Fidelity HPLC Columns

The SiliaChrom XT C18 column is designed for application to be run at very high pH (up to 12,0) at room temperature but also suitable for low pH (down to 1,5). The other one, SiliaChrom XT C18 Fidelity, is used at high pH conditions with a higher thermal capacity. The only difference between SiliaChrom XT and SiliaChrom XT Fidelity is the way how the HPLC column is packed (proprietary) given more robustness at high pH and temperature.

The key is to have a hybrid particle or hybrid surface to reduce de solubility of the silica at high pH. In fact, the SiliaChrom XT is silica coated with a prepolymer of methyltriethoxysilane/tetraethoxysilane, followed by special thermal treatment to get a rigid surface that is less soluble than silica itself.


Main Characteristics

  • Excellent durability at high pH
  • Ideal for basic compounds
  • High thermal stability
  • Ideal for auto-purification (Prep. LC-MS)
  • Double endcapped
  • Best HPLC column for Metabolite Study

More Information


Columns Pore Size Particle Size Surface Area Carbon Loading
C18 150Å 3, 5 µm 200 m2/g 15%
C18 Fidelity 100Å 3, 5 µm 380 m2/g 21%
Columns pH Range Temperature Limit* Pressure Limit USP Code
C18 1,5-12,0 60°C 5000 psi L01
C18 Fidelity 1,5-12,0 60°C 5000 psi L01

* At pH range 5 to 7,5

Available column types: Fast analysis, Analytical, Semi-Preparative, Preparative

Application Note

Evaluation Testing for High pH:

SiliaChrom XT C18 Fidelity, 5 µm, 4,6x150 mm (SiliCycle P/N: HPC-11005-5N)
ACN:Water:TEA (54,9:44,9:0,2) pH = 11,50
UV 270 nm
Column temperature: 23,0°C
Flow: 1,00 mL/min


Time Retention Time Tailling Factor Theoretical Plates
(h) Ethylbenzene (min) Ethylbenzene (USP) Ethylbenzene (USP)
0 13,35 1,01 13623
24 13,29 1,01 13648
48 13,27 1,01 13689
72 13,25 1,00 13604
96 13,24 1,00 13649
120 13,28 1,00 13582
SD 0,04 0,01 38
Mean 13,28 1,01 13633
RSD (%) 0,29 0,54 0,28



New Generation of HPLC Silica-Based C18 Column for Both Highly Acidic and Basic pH: The SiliaChrom SB C18 and SiliaChrom XT C18 Fidelity

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