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SiliaChrom Plus HPLC Columns

HPLC Portfolio Selection Guide by Manufacturer

SiliaChrom Plus HPLC Columns

SiliCycle offers a wide range of chromatographic selectivities and R&D work to continually enhance our portfolio to suit our customer’s requirements and offer unique and powerful new products.

Both our raw material and finished HPLC columns are QC-validated in our ISO 9001-2008 registered manufacturing facilities. Manufacturing is done following strict SOPs in order to offer exceptional column performance, peak symmetry and lot-to-lot reproducibility.

SiliCycle’s unique sol-gel process technology allows us to offer complete silica-based solutions to HPLC end-users. Whether they require use under a wide range of pH values, stability with 100 % aqueous or organic mobile phases or low bleed material for LC/MS applications: we have the solution for you.

The SiliaChrom Plus portfolio ranges from reversed-phase to normal phase columns for analysis of acidic, neutral and basic compounds, columns for biochromatography of large molecules and SFC columns for API separation. A wide variety of column dimensions, particle and pore sizes are available to accommodate the vast majority of applications.


SiliaChrom Plus columns for high reproducibility

Years of research and development have led to the release of these proprietary silica‑based materials for challenging separations requiring high column performance, enhanced chromatographic resolution, lot-to-lot reproducibility and extended column lifetime.

Reduced silanol activity, high surface area and lot-to-lot controlled surface coverage have indeed led to exceptional silica. The resulting HPLC columns are extremely reliable, offering high performance and peak symmetry to QA/QC laboratories and research centers. This silica gel rapidly became a popular packing material for scientists all over the world facing challenging separations on a regular basis.

In a nutshell, the SiliaChrom Plus series offer robust columns for everyday work.


Proprietary HPLC column packing process

Superior HPLC columns can only be produced with excellent materials and packing techniques. SiliaChrom Plus columns are made from extremely pure silica and are well known for their high efficiency and resolution capacity. Based on spherical, totally porous silica, SiliaChrom Plus columns provide enhanced chemical and mechanical stability, complete endcapping and very high loading capacity.

All SiliaChrom Plus columns are packed using our proprietary slurry packing process in order to achieve column-to-column reproducibility and guarantee above-average selectivity, resolution, performance, peak symmetry and lifetime when used according to the phase and material specifications.

SiliCycle is recognized for its strong expertise in column packing technology. All SiliaChrom Plus columns are packed using a consistent methodology to achieve an extremely stable and uniform column bed, leading to high column lifetime and column-to-column reproducibility.


HPLC Portfolio Selection Guide by Manufacturer