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SiliaChrom HPLC Column Selection Guide by Manufacturer

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To find a suitable SiliCycle alternative to another manufacturer's columns, refer to the selection guide below.

SiliCycle's alternative phases are selected based on physical and chemical similarities. These alternatives are not guaranteed to provide the same retention or selectivity, but should be sufficiently similar in character to allow a similar or improved separation to be achieved after some method optimization.

The user should refer to the individual phase information to ensure that the characteristics of the alternative match the requirements of their separation. SiliCycle takes no responsibility for any error or omission relating to this information.
All trademarks and registered trademarks are the property of their respective owners.



Advanced Chromatography Technologies (ACT)

PhasePore sizeSurface AreaCarbon LoadEndcappingRecommended Alternative
ACE C18 100 100 Å300 m2/g15.5 %NFSiliaChrom Plus C18
ACE C8 100 Å300 m2/g9 %NFSiliaChrom Plus C8
ACE Phenyl 100 Å300 m2/g9.5 %NFSiliaChrom Plus Phenyl
Ace AQ100 Å300 m2/g14 %NFSiliaChrom dt C18
Ace C18-300300 Å100 m2/g9 %YesSiliaChrom Plus C18-300
Ace C8-300300 Å100 m2/g5 %YesSiliaChrom Plus C8-300
Ace C4-300300 Å100 m2/g2.6 %YesSiliaChrom Plus C4-300

Agilent Technologies

PhasePore sizeSurface AreaCarbon LoadEndcappingRecommended Alternative
Poroshell 120 EC-C18120 Å120 m2/g8 %Yes, doubleSunShell C18
Poroshell 120 EC-C8120 Å120 m2/g5 %Yes, doubleSunShell C8
Poroshell 120 Phenyl-Hexyl120 Å120 m2/g9 %Yes, doubleSunShell Phenyl
Zorbax Eclipse XDB-C1880 Å180 m2/g10 %Yes, doubleCSC-Advantisil C18
Zorbax Eclipse XDB-C880 Å180 m2/g8 %Yes, doubleCSC-Advantisil C8
Zorbax Eclipse XDB-Phenyl80 Å180 m2/g8 %Yes, doubleCSC-Sil 80Å/Phenyl
Zorbax Eclipse Plus C1895 Å160 m2/g8 %Yes, doubleCSC-Advantisil ODS
Zorbax Eclipse Plus C895 Å160 m2/g6 %Yes, doubleCSC-Advantisil C8
Zorbax SB-C1880 Å180 m2/g10 %NoCSC-Advantisil ODS
Zorbax SB-C18300 Å45 m2/g3 %NoSiliaChrom Plus C18-300
Zorbax SB-C880 Å180 m2/g6 %NoCSC-Advantisil C8
Zorbax SB-C8300 Å45 m2/g2 %NoSiliaChrom Plus C8-300

Advanced Materials Technology, Inc. (AMT)

PhasePore sizeSurface AreaCarbon LoadEndcappingRecommended Alternative
Halo C1890 Å150 m2/gNFNFSunShell C18
Halo C890 Å150 m2/gNFNFSunShell C8
Halo HILIC90 Å150 m2/gNFNFSunshell HILIC-Amide
Halo PFP90 Å150 m2/gNFNFSunShell PFP
Halo Phenyl-Hexyl90 Å150 m2/gNFNFSunShell Phenyl

EMD Millipore - Merck KGaA

PhasePore sizeSurface AreaCarbon LoadEndcappingRecommended Alternative
Lichrospher 100 RP-18100 Å350 m2/g21 %NoCSC-Lichrospher 100 RP-18
Lichrospher 100 RP-18e100 Å350 m2/g22 %YesCSC-Lichrospher 100 RP-18e
Lichrospher 100 RP-8100 Å350 m2/g13 %NoCSC-Lichrospher 100 RP-8
Lichrospher 100 RP-8e100 Å350 m2/g13 %YesCSC-Lichrospher 100 RP-8e
Lichrospher 100 CN100 Å350 m2/g7 %NFCSC-Lichrospher 100 CN
Lichrospher 100 NH2100 Å350 m2/g5 %NFCSC-Lichrospher 100 NH2
Lichrospher 100 Diol100 Å350 m2/g8 %NFCSC-Lichrospher 100 Diol
Superspher RP-18100 Å350 m2/g21 %YesCSC-Superspher RP-18

GL Sciences

PhasePore sizeSurface AreaCarbon LoadEndcappingRecommended Alternative
Inertsil C4150 Å320 m2/g8 %YesSiliaChrom Plus C4
Inertsil Phenyl150 Å320 m2/g10 %YesSiliaChrom Plus Phenyl
Inertsil C8150 Å320 m2/g11 %YesSiliaChrom Plus C8
Inertsil ODS2150 Å320 m2/g18.5 %YesSiliaChrom dt C18
Inertsil ODS3 or ODS3V100 Å450 m2/g15 %YesSiliaChrom Plus C18

Grace Discovery Sciences

PhasePore sizeSurface AreaCarbon LoadEndcappingRecommended Alternative
Alltima HP C18 AQ100 Å450 m2/g2 %YesSiliaChrom dt C18
Vydac 208TP300 Å60-110 m2/g8 %YesSiliaChrom Plus C8-300
Vydac 214TP300 Å60-110 m2/g4 %YesSiliaChrom Plus C4-300
Vydac 218TP300 Å60-110 m2/g8 %YesSiliaChrom Plus C18-300


PhasePore sizeSurface AreaCarbon LoadEndcappingRecommended Alternative
Kromasil C18100 Å340 m2/g19 %YesSiliaChrom dt C18
Kromasil C8100 Å340 m2/g12 %YesSiliaChrom Plus C8
Kromasil C4100 Å340 m2/g8 %YesSiliaChrom Plus C4
Kromasil Silica100 Å340 m2/g-NoSiliaChrom Plus Silica


PhasePore sizeSurface AreaCarbon LoadEndcappingRecommended Alternative
Nucleodur C18ec110 Å340 m2/g18 %YesSiliaChrom dt C18
Nucleodur C18110 Å340 m2/g18 %YesSiliaChrom dt C18
Nucleodur CN110 Å340 m2/g7 %YesSiliaChrom Plus CN
Nucleoshell RP1890 Å130 m2/g7.5 %Yes, multiSunShell C18
Nucleoshell Phenyl-Hexyl90 Å130 m2/g4.5 %Yes, multiSunShell Phenyl
Nucleoshell PFP90 Å130 m2/g3 %Yes, multiSunShell PFP
Nucleosil C18100 Å350 m2/g15 %YesSiliaChrom Plus C18
Nucleosil C8 100 Å350 m2/g9 %NoSiliaChrom Plus C8
Nucleosil C6H5 (Phenyl)100 Å350 m2/g8 %NoSiliaChrom Plus Phenyl
Nucleosil CN100 Å350 m2/g5 %NoSiliaChrom Plus CN
Nucleosil NH2100 Å350 m2/g3.5 %NoSiliaChrom Plus NH2
Nucleosil OH (Diol)100 Å350 m2/gNFNFSiliaChrom Plus Diol
Nucleosil SA100 Å350 m2/g7 %NoSiliaChrom Plus SCX
Nucleosil Silica100 Å350 m2/g-NoSiliaChrom Plus Silica
Nucleosil C18120 Å200 m2/g11 %YesCSC-Advantisil ODS
Nucleosil C8 120 Å200 m2/g7 %NoCSC-Advantisil C8
Nucleosil CN120 Å200 m2/g3 %NFCSC-Advantisil CN
Nucleosil 300 C18300 Å100 m2/g6.5 %YesSiliaChrom Plus C18-300
Nucleosil 300 C8300 Å100 m2/g3 %YesSiliaChrom Plus C8-300
Nucleosil 300 C4300 Å100 m2/g2 %YesSiliaChrom Plus C4-300


PhasePore sizeSurface AreaCarbon LoadEndcappingRecommended Alternative
AQUA C18125 Å320 m2/g15 &Yes, proprietarySiliaChrom dt C18
Luna C18 (2)100 Å400 m2/g17.5 %YesSiliaChrom Plus C18
Luna C8100 Å440 m2/g14.75 %YesSiliaChrom Plus C8
Luna C8 (2)100 Å400 m2/g13.5 %YesSiliaChrom Plus C8
Luna CN100 Å400 m2/g7 &YesSiliaChrom Plus CN
Luna NH2100 Å400 m2/g9.5 %NoSiliaChrom Plus NH2
Luna PFP (2)100 Å400 m2/g11.5 %YesSiliaChrom Plus PFP
Luna SCX100 Å400 m2/gN/ANoSiliaChrom Plus SCX
Luna Silica (2)100 Å400 m2/g-NoSiliaChrom Plus Silica
Kinetex C18100 Å200 m2/g12 %YesSunShell C18
Kinetex C8100 Å200 m2/g8 %YesSunShell C8
Kinetex HILIC100 Å200 m2/g0NoSunShell HILIC-Amide
Kinetex PFP100 Å200 m2/g9 %YesSunShell PFP
Kinetex Phenyl-Hexyl100 Å200 m2/g11 %YesSunShell Phenyl
Synergi Hydro-RP80 Å475 m2/g19 %Yes, proprietarySiliaChrom dt C18
Prodigy C8150 Å310 m2/g13 %YesSiliaChrom Plus C8
Prodigy ODS2150 Å310 m2/g18 %YesSiliaChrom Plus C18
Prodigy ODS-3100 Å450 m2/g16 %YesSiliaChrom Plus C18
Prodigy ODS-3V100 Å450 m2/g16 %NFSiliaChrom Plus C18
Gemini C18110 Å375 m2/g14 %YesSiliaChrom Plus C18
Jupiter C18300 Å170 m2/g13 %YesSiliaChrom Plus C18-300
Jupiter C4300 Å170 m2/g5 %YesSiliaChrom Plus C4-300


PhasePore sizeSurface AreaCarbon LoadEndcappingRecommended Alternative
Pinnacle C18120 Å170 m2/g10 %YesCSC-Advantisil ODS
Pinnacle C8120 Å170 m2/g6 %YesCSC-Advantisil C8
Pinnacle CN120 Å170 m2/g0,05YesCSC-Advantisil CN
Pinnacle DB C18140 ÅNF11 %YesCSC-Advantisil BDS/ODS
Pinnacle DB C8140 ÅNF6 %YesCSC-Advantisil BDS/C8
Pinnacle DB Cyano140 ÅNF4 %YesCSC-Advantisil BDS/CN
Pinnacle NH2120 Å170 m2/g2 %NFCSC-Advantisil NH2
Pinnacle Phenyl120 Å170 m2/g5 %YesCSC-Advantisil Phenyl
Pinnacle Silica120 Å170 m2/g-NoCSC-Advantisil Silica


PhasePore sizeSurface AreaCarbon LoadEndcappingRecommended Alternative
Ascentis C18100 Å450 m2/g25 %YesSiliaChrom Plus C18
Ascentis C8100 Å450 m2/g15 %YesSiliaChrom Plus C8
Ascentis Express C1890 Å135 m2/gNFYesSunShell C18
Ascentis Express C890 Å135 m2/gNFYesSunShell C8
Ascentis Express F590 Å135 m2/gNFYesSunShell PFP
Ascentis Express HILIC90 Å135 m2/gNFNoSunShell HILIC-Amide
Ascentis Express Phenyl-Hexyl90 Å135 m2/gNFYesSunShell Phenyl
Supelcosil LC-18120 Å170 m2/g11 %YesCSC-Advantisil ODS
Supelcosil LC-18-DB120 Å170 m2/g11 %YesCSC-Advantisil BDS/ODS
Supelcosil LC-8120 Å170 m2/g6 %YesCSC-Advantisil C8
Supelcosil LC-CN120 Å170 m2/g4 %YesCSC-Advantisil CN
Supelcosil LC-NH2120 Å170 m2/g3 %YesCSC-Advantisil NH2
Supelcosil LC-Si120 Å170 m2/g-NoCSC-Advantisil Silica
Discovery C18180 Å200 m2/g12 %YesCSC-Select ODS2
Discovery C8180 Å200 m2/g7.5 %YesCSC-Select C8

Thermo Scientific

PhasePore sizeSurface AreaCarbon LoadEndcappingRecommended Alternative
Hypersil-ODS120 Å170 m2/g10 %YesCSC-Advantisil ODS
Hypersil-ODS280 Å220 m2/g11 %YesCSC-Select ODS2
Hypersil-MOS120 Å170 m2/g6.5 %NoCSC-Advantisil C8
Hypersil-Phenyl-2120 Å170 m2/g5 %YesCSC-Advantisil Phenyl
Hypersil-CPS-2120 Å170 m2/g4 %YesCSC-Advantisil CN
Hypersil-APS-2120 Å170 m2/g1.9 %NoCSC-Advantisil NH2
Hypersil-Silica120 Å170 m2/g-NoCSC-Advantisil Silica
Hypersil-BDS/ODS130 Å170 m2/g11 %YesCSC-Advantisil BDS/ODS
Hypersil-BDS/C8130 Å170 m2/g7 %YesCSC-Advantisil BDS/C8
Hypersil-BDS/Phenyl130 Å170 m2/g5 %YesCSC-Advantisil BDS/Phenyl
Hypersil-BDS/Cyano130 Å170 m2/g4 %YesCSC-Advantisil BDS/CN
Hypersil Gold C18175 Å220 m2/g11 %YesProntosil 200 Å C18H
Hypersil Gold C8175 Å220 m2/g8 %YesProntosil 200 Å C8SH
Hypersil Gold Silica175 Å220 m2/g-NoProntosil 200 Å Silica
Accucore C1880 Å130 m2/g9 %YesSunShell C18
Accucore C880 Å130 m2/g5 %YesSunShell C8
Accucore Phenyl Hexyl80 Å130 m2/g6 %YesSunShell Phenyl
Accucore PFP80 Å130 m2/g5 %YesSunShell PFP
Accucore HILIC80 Å130 m2/gNFNFSunshell HILIC-Amide
Syncronis C18100 Å320 m2/g16 %YesSiliaChrom Plus C18
Syncronis C8100 Å320 m2/g10 %YesSiliaChrom Plus C8
Syncronis AQ100 Å320 m2/g19 %Yes, polarSiliaChrom dt C18
Syncronis Phenyl100 Å320 m2/g11 %YesSiliaChrom Plus Phenyl
Syncronis Amino100 Å320 m2/g4 %YesSiliaChrom Plus Amino
Syncronis Silica100 Å320 m2/g-NoSiliaChrom Plus Silica
Acclaim 120 C18120 Å300 m2/g18 %YesSiliaChrom Plus C18
Acclaim 300 C18300 Å100 m2/g8 %YesSiliaChrom Plus C18-300

Waters Corporation

PhasePore sizeSurface AreaCarbon LoadEndcappingRecommended Alternative
Atlantis T3100 Å300 m2/g14 %YesSiliaChrom dt C18
µBondapak C18125 Å330 m2/g10 %YesCSC-Sil 80 Å / ODS2
µBondapak CN125 Å330 m2/g6 %YesCSC-Sil 80 Å / CN
µBondapak NH2125 Å330 m2/g4 %NoCSC-Sil 80 Å / NH2
µBondapak Phenyl125 Å330 m2/g9.3 %YesCSC-Sil 80 Å / Phenyl
Spherisorb ODS180 Å200 m2/g6 %NoCSC-Select ODS1
Spherisorb ODS280 Å200 m2/g12 %YesCSC-Select ODS2
Spherisorb C880 Å200 m2/g6 %YesCSC-Select C8
Spherisorb C680 Å200 m2/g5 %YesCSC-Select C6
Spherisorb Phenyl80 Å200 m2/g3 %NoCSC-Sil 80 Å / Phenyl
Spherisorb C1 (TMS)80 Å200 m2/g3 %NoCSC-Sil 80 Å / C1 (TMS)
Spherisorb CN80 Å200 m2/g3 %NoCSC-Sil 80 Å / CN
Spherisorb NH280 Å200 m2/g2 %NoCSC-Sil 80 Å / NH2
Spherisorb SAX80 Å200 m2/g4 %NoCSC-Sil 80 Å / SAX
Spherisorb Silica80 Å220 m2/g-NoCSC-Sil 80 Å / Silica
SunFire C18100 Å340 m2/g16 %YesSiliaChrom Plus C18
SunFire C8100 Å340 m2/g12 %YesSiliaChrom Plus C8
SunFire Silica100 Å340 m2/gNFNFSiliaChrom Plus Silica
Symmetry C18100 Å335 m2/g19 %YesSiliaChrom dt C18
Symmetry C8100 Å335 m2/g12 %YesSiliaChrom Plus C8
Cortecs C1890 Å100 m2/g6.6 %Yes, proprietarySunShell C18
Cortecs HILIC90 Å100 m2/g0NoSunShell HILIC-Amide


PhasePore sizeSurface AreaCarbon LoadEndcappingRecommended Alternative
YMC-Pack C4120 Å300 m2/g7 %YesSiliaChrom Plus C4
YMC-Pack C8120 Å300 m2/g10 %YesSiliaChrom Plus C8
YMC-Pack ODS-AQ120 Å300 m2/g14 %Yes, proprietarySiliaChrom dt C18
YMC-Pack ODS-A120 Å300 m2/g17 %YesSiliaChrom Plus C18
YMC-Pack ODS-A300 Å150 m2/g7 %YesSiliaChrom Plus C18-300
YMC-Pack CN120 Å300 m2/g7 %YesSiliaChrom Plus CN
YMC-Pack Diol-NP120 Å300 m2/gNFNFSiliaChrom Plus Diol
YMC-Pack NH2120 Å300 m2/gNFNFSiliaChrom Plus NH2
YMC-Pack Phenyl120 Å300 m2/g9 %YesSiliaChrom Plus Phenyl
YMC-Pack Pro C18120 Å350 m2/g16 %YesSiliaChrom Plus C18
YMC-Pack Si120 Å300 m2/g-NoSiliaChrom Plus Silica
YMC-Pack TMS (C1)120 Å300 m2/g4 %NFCSC-Sil 80 Å / TMS (C1)

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