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SiliaSep - Flash Cartridges

Flash Cartridges Portfolio Cartridges Characteristics

With SiliaSep, benefit from the same quality that all our products are known for: selectivity, speed & reliability.

With a more tightly packed silica bed and a homogeneous packing, the use of pre-packed flash cartridges improves purification efficiency by offering superior reproducibility and productivity compared to conventional manual flash chromatography.

SiliaSep cartridges are available in two silica gel grades:

SiliaSep Flash Cartridge Overview

Our flash chromatography products offer high levels of performance and reproducibility. The flash media consistently has a tight particle size distribution with low fines and extremely low metal ion content, for more predictable and easier separations.

Using SiliCycle SiliaSep cartridges, you can purify your sample base on different mechanisms depending on the properties or your compound. Because we can provide cartridges packed with our SiliaBond® functionalized silica gel, you can choose exactly the cartridge that will fit your need.

SiliaSep Flash Cartridge design


SiliaSep Cartridges Compatibility

To better suit your needs, the SiliaSep flash cartridges family includes 4 types of cartridges that are compatible with different types of instruments:

Type Compatibility
SiliaSep & SiliaSep PREMIUM Teledyne Isco, Biotage, Varian / Analogix, Grace Reveleris, Büchi, Gilson & Interchim / Armen
SiliaSep XL Isco CombiFlash Companion XL.
Note: for SiliaSep XL cartridges (800 g and 1,600 g), you may need to use an XL Adapter.
SiliaSep OT FlashMaster


SiliaSep Reproducibility

SiliaSep Flash Cartridges offer incredible performance over competitive products due to the higher silica gel quality and innovative packing technology. Both cartridge series allow superior results and can be considered the products of choice for all purification needs.

Reproducibility graphic


SiliaSep XL - Superior Resolution

SiliCycle evaluated the performance of the SiliaSep XL cartridges compared to a well-known brand. For both sizes, SiliaSep XL outperforms the competition.

SiliaSep XL 800 g

SiliaSep XL 800g graphic

SiliaSep XL 1 600 g

SiliaSep XL 1600g graphic