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SiliaSep Equivalents to Grace Reveleris® Flash Cartridges

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Starting from May 2nd, 2016, Graces' Reveleris® Flash chromatography cartridges are discontinued.
In the tables below you'll find the equivalent SiliaSep Flash cartridges from SiliCycle.

For any question or specific need, don't hesitate to contact us: [email protected].

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Grace Reveleris Standard Flash Cartridges

Cartridge Size Grace Reveleris Standard SiliCycle Equivalent Standard SiliCycle Spherical Silica
Silica 4g 5176130 FLH-R10030B-ISO04 FLH-10095D-A-ISO04
Silica 12g 5146131 FLH-R10030B-ISO12 FLH-10095D-A-ISO12
Silica 25g 5165730 FLH-R10030B-ISO25 FLH-10095D-A-ISO25
Silica 40g 5146132 FLH-R10030B-ISO40 FLH-10095D-A-ISO40
Silica 80g 5146133 FLH-R10030B-ISO80 FLH-10095D-A-ISO80
Silica 120g 5146134 FLH-R10030B-IS120 FLH-10095D-A-IS120
Silica 220g 5165750 FLH-R10030B-IS220 FLH-10095D-A-IS220
Silica 330g 5146135 FLH-R10030B-IS330 FLH-10095D-A-IS330


Grace Reveleris Bonded Flash Cartridges

Cartridge Size Phase Grace Reveleris SiliCycle Equivalent Quantity
Silica 4g Amino 5157330 FLH-R52030B-ISO04 2/box
Diol 5157335 FLH-R35030B-ISO04 2/box
C18 5152990 FLH-R33230B-ISO04 2/box
Silica 12g Amino 5157331 FLH-R52030B-ISO12 1/box
Diol 5157336 FLH-R35030B-ISO12 1/box
C18 5152103 FLH-R33230B-ISO12 1/box
Silica 24g C18 5171532 FLH-R33230B-ISO25 1/box
Silica 40g Amino 5157332 FLH-R52030B-ISO40 1/box
Diol 5157337 FLH-R35030B-ISO40 1/box
C18 5152104 FLH-R33230B-ISO40 1/box
Silica 80g Amino 5157333 FLH-R52030B-ISO80 1/box
Diol 5157338 FLH-R35030B-ISO80 1/box
C18 5152105 FLH-R33230B-ISO80 1/box
Silica 120g Amino 5157334 FLH-R52030B-IS120 1/box
Diol 5157339 FLH-R35030B-IS120 1/box
C18 5152991 FLH-R33230B-IS120 1/box
Silica 220g C18 5152990 FLH-R33230B-IS220 1/box
Silica 330g C18 5152990 FLH-R33230B-IS330 1/box

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