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SiliaSep Features & Benefits

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Speed, Reliability & Selectivity
With SiliCycle’s SiliaSep Flash Cartridges you will benefit from the same quality that all our products are known for.
We have the best silica gel available on the market with no fines.


Features Benefits
Highest silica gel quality with no fines
  • No product contamination
  • Homogeneous packing, no channelling (no peak tailing)
  • High loading capacity (high surface area)
  • Direct transfer from TLC to flash chromatography (same silica)
Innovative packing technology
  • Consistent packing for reproducible high plate count (N)
  • Superior performance & separation
  • Higher resolution with improved band definition (no tailing)
  • Greater compound purity & higher recovery
  • Wide choice of cartridge sizes from 4 grams up to 1.5 kg
  • Purification scale-up from milligram to hundreds of grams!
  • Variety of sorbents to address any separation need
Reproducibility, reliability & safety
  • Leak-free guaranteed by unique one-piece cartridge design
  • Reproducible performance from lot-to-lot (stringent quality control)
  • Excellent durability to withstand high pressures
  • Universal luer fittings for compatibility with any flash systems
Cost effective
  • Excellent ratio performance vs price
  • Readily available from stock inventory for many volumes


SiliCycle evaluated the performance of SiliaSep cartridges against some established players in chromatography and purification. In this study, cartridge performances were evaluated by the determination of different parameters including plate count (N), reduced plate height (h), symmetry index (SI10%) and resolution factor (R). In all cases, SiliaSep allows excellent performance over the competition.


SiliaSep Reproducibility

SiliaSep (HP) Flash Cartridges offer incredible performance over competitive products due to the higher silica gel quality and innovative packing technology. Both cartridge series allow superior results and can be considered the products of choice for all purification needs.

Reproducibility graphic


Better Separations with SiliaSep - Higher Plate Count (N)

SiliaSep 40 g versus another 40 g cartridge (irregular silica 40-63 μm)

As shown below, although both cartridges have a comparable symmetry index, the SiliaSep 40 g gives a better separation due to a higher plate count and a smaller plate height compared to the cartridge from the competition.

Graphic of SiliCycle SiliaSep 40g vs Competitor 40g Cartridge Ethyl cinnamate and trans-cinnamaldehyde

Separation test description

Mobile phase:
Solvent A: EtOAc
Solvent B: Hexane

Gradient: 0 to 75% of solvent B in 8 minutes
Flow rate: 40 mL / min
Injection volume: 5 mL
Wavelength: 254 nm

Observed Chromatographic Parameters

Cartridge N h SI10% R
SiliaSep 40 g 2,157 1.14 0.98 3.06
Competitor 40 g 830 2.80 1.11 157


High Resolution with SiliaSep HP

Dibutylphthalate, Diethylphthalate and Dimethylphthalate

Separation test description for the two experiments shown below

Mobile phase: 20% EtOAc in Hexane
Flow rate: 40 mL / min or 80 mL / min
Injection volume: 5 mL
Wavelength: 254 nm


SiliaSep HP - Save Time with Faster Flow Rates

The high resolution from SiliaSep HP allows the purification to run at a higher flow rate with the same high efficiency without compromising the quality of the separation.

40ml vs 80 ml graphic


SiliaSep HP - Higher Loading Capacity

The high performance of SiliaSep HP, associated with the higher plate count, can also yield a higher loading capacity. As shown in the results below, SiliaSep HP may be loaded with over 50% more products compared to other 40-63 μm cartridges and still provide very good separation.

Higher Loading Capacity Graphic


SiliaSep XL - Superior Resolution

SiliCycle evaluated the performance of the SiliaSep XL cartridges compared to a well-known brand. For both sizes, SiliaSep XL outperforms the competition.

SiliaSep XL 800 g

SiliaSep XL 800g graphic

SiliaSep XL 1 600 g

SiliaSep XL 1600g graphic


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