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SiliaSep OT (FlashMaster Compatible Flash Cartridges)

SiliaSep OT Cartridges (rated 60 psi)
Silica Weight 2 g 5 g 10 g 15 g 20 g
Dimensions ID x L 15.8 x 90 mm 20.5 x 100 mm 26.8 x 154 mm 26.8 x 154 mm 26.8 x 154 mm/td>
Volume 12 mL 25 mL 70 mL 70 mL 70 mL
Quantity per box 20 / box 20 / box 16 / box 16 / box 16 / box
SiliaSep OT Phases
SiliaSep OT Silica FLH-R10030B-15U FLH-R10030B-25X FLH-R10030B-70Y FLH-R10030B-70i FLH-R10030B-70Z
SiliaSep OT Amine SPE-R52030B-12U SPE-R52030B-20X FLH-R52030B-70Y FLH-R52030B-70i FLH-R52030B-70Z
SiliaSep OT Diol SPE-R35030B-12U SPE-R35030B-20X FLH-R35030B-70Y FLH-R35030B-70i FLH-R35030B-70Z
SiliaSep OT Cyano SPE-R38030B-12U SPE-R38030B-20X FLH-R38030B-70Y FLH-R38030B-70i FLH-R38030B-70Z
SiliaSep OT C18 (17%) SPE-R33230B-12U SPE-R33230B-20X FLH-R33230B-70Y FLH-R33230B-70i FLH-R33230B-70Z
SiliaSep OT SCX-2 SPE-R51230B-12U SPE-R51230B-20X FLH-R51230B-70Y FLH-R51230B-70i FLH-R51230B-70Z
SiliaSep OT SAX nec SPE-R66530B-12U SPE-R66530B-20X FLH-R66530B-70Y FLH-R66530B-70i FLH-R66530B-70Z
SiliaSep OT SAX-2 nec SPE-R66430B-12U SPE-R66430B-20X FLH-R66430B-70Y FLH-R66430B-70i FLH-R66430B-70Z
SiliaSep OT Cartridges (rated 60 psi)
Silica Weight 25 g 50 g 70 g 100 g
Dimensions ID x L 38.2 x 170 mm 38.2 x 170 mm 38.2 x 170 mm 40.0 x 220 mm
Volume 150 mL 150 mL 150 mL 276 mL
Quantity per box 10 / box 10 / box 10 / box 12 / box
SiliaSep OT Phases
SiliaSep OT Silica FLH-R10030B-95K FLH-R10030B-95M FLH-R10030B-95N FLH-R10030B-276F
SiliaSep OT Amine FLH-R52030B-95K FLH-R52030B-95M FLH-R52030B-95N FLH-R52030B-276F
SiliaSep OT Diol FLH-R35030B-95K FLH-R35030B-95M FLH-R35030B-95N FLH-R35030B-276F
SiliaSep OT Cyano FLH-R38030B-95K FLH-R38030B-95M FLH-R38030B-95N FLH-R38030B-276F
SiliaSep OT C18 (17%) FLH-R33230B-95K FLH-R33230B-95M FLH-R33230B-95N FLH-R33230B-276F
SiliaSep OT SCX-2 FLH-R51230B-95K FLH-R51230B-95M FLH-R51230B-95N FLH-R51230B-276F
SiliaSep OT SAX nec FLH-R66530B-95K FLH-R66530B-95M FLH-R66530B-95N FLH-R66530B-276F
SiliaSep OT SAX-2 nec FLH-R66430B-95K FLH-R66430B-95M FLH-R66430B-95N FLH-R66430B-276F

SiliaSep OT are also available with bar code for automation purposes.

Smaller cartridge volumes available in SiliaPrep and SiliaPrepX branding.