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SiliaSep BT 75 Cartridges

These cartridges are designed to enhance your purifications when using the Biotage Flash 75 development-scale purification system.

Containing up to 800 g of the highest quality 40 - 63 μm 60 Å silica gel, the SiliaSep BT 75 pre-packed cartridges allow purification up to 80 g of sample at maximum 250 mL/min.
These cartridges offer a faster and safer solution compared to traditional glass columns.

Cartridge Type 75S 75M 75L
Cartridge Code 75iS 75iM 75iL
Silica Weight 200 g 400 g 800 g
Qty / Box Bare: 2 / Bonded: 1
Dimension (ID x Length) 75 x 90 mm 75 x 170 mm 75 x 350 mm
Column Volume 300 mL 500 mL 1 L
Recommended Flow Rate 100 - 250 mL/min
Loading Capacity 0.2 - 20 g 0.4 - 40 g 0.8 - 80 g
Max Operating Pressure 90 psi / 6.5 bar (inside the compression module)


SiliaSep BT 75 Portfolio

We offer a large variety of sorbents to meet any separation need, whether you require reversed-phases, normal phases, ion exchange phases or even metal scavenging phases.

You will find below the most popular phases, please contact us if you need an alternative selectivity.

SiliaSep Type PN Description
SiliaSep BT Silica FLH-R10030B-BT Most popular sorbent for day-to-day use for the purification of non-ionic polar organic compounds.
SiliaSep BT C18 (17% mono) FLH-R33230B-BT Indicated for the purification of low to high polarity compounds. Provides reproducible purification without the complexity and cost of preparative HPLC.
SiliaSep BT Cyano FLH-R38030B-BT Versatile sorbent that can be used either as normal or reversed-phase. Indicated for products with intermediate to extreme polarity. The slightly hydrophobic nature of the cyano group offers alternative selectivity.
SiliaSep BT WAX nec
FLH-R52030B-BT A weak anion exchanger with a pKa of 9.8. At pH 7.8 or below, the functional groups are positively charged. It facilitates the rapid release of very strong anions such as sulfonic acids that may be too strongly retained on SAX.
SiliaSep BT Diol nec FLH-R35030B-BT Good alternative for difficult separation of low to medium polarity samples. Useful for mono and polysaccharides separation. Can be used in HILIC mode.
SiliaSep BT SCX-2
(Propylsulfonic Acid)
FLH-R51230B-BT Due to the very low pKa (< 1) this function is a strong cation exchanger since it maintains a negative charge throughout the pH scale. The most common use is likely for catch and release purification of weak cations (for example basic drugs and analgesics), analysis of basic biomolecules (peptides and proteins) and water-soluble vitamins (basic vitamins B and C).