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Shaking and Washing Stations

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Product Name Price Qty
Counter Weight (Compact Station)
Micro Shaking Station, 115V
Compact Shaking Station, 115V
Micro Shaking Station, 230V
Compact Shaking Station, 230V

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Shaking and Washing Stations

Product Description


  • Details

    High performance orbital shaker with integrated basins for wash and rinse capability. Customized and configured to provide vigorous vortex mixing for 1 (Micro) or 2 (Compact) SiliCycle MiniBlocks.

    Counter Weight (Compact Station) : PN 13742012
    Compact Shaking Station, 115V : PN 17001120
    Micro Shaking Station, 115V : PN 17002120
    Compact Shaking Station, 230V : PN 17001240
    Micro Shaking Station, 230V : PN 17002240

    Reactor sold separately.

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