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SiliCycle Products for the Olympic Games

You couldn't have missed the 2016 Summer Olympic Games in Rio De Janeiro. It was the great rendezvous of our planet's best athletes, and the quest for new world records. But the value of these exploits depends on the organizers' ability to prevent cheating. The struggle against doping has become a critical issue.

Find out what SiliCycle can provide for doping agents detection and for analytical procedures!


SiliaQuick QuEChERS for doping agents detection

SiliaQuick QuEChERS

In toxicology or legal medicine, QuEChERS have become a preferred sample preparation technique for quantitative and qualitative analysis of drugs of abuse in human blood and urine.
It is an easy, inexpensive, very reproducible methodology yet with rapid run time, making it particularly suitable for routine use.

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SiliaPrep SPE cartridges for doping agents detection

SiliaPrep SPE Cartridges

Screening of drugs of abuse can be a brainteaser due to all the variations of functional groups associated with analyte types. Most extraction techniques cannot extract all analytes using a single procedure without non-optimized extraction precedures. SPE allows for simultaneous analysis of cross functional analytes in a single extraction protocol without forfeiting sample cleanliness.

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SiliaChrom HPLC columns for doping agents detection

SiliaChrom HPLC Columns

The SiliaChrom portfolio ranges from reversed-phase to normal phase columns, SEC for large proteins and peptides, columns for biochromatography of large molecules and SFC for API separations.
An incredibly wide range of column dimensions and granulometries are available to accommodate the vast majority of your applications.

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SiliaPlate TLC (Thin Layer Chromatography) plates for doping agents detection

SiliaPlate TLC Plates

Thin Layer Chromatography (TLC) is one of the most useful, simple, inexpensive, rapid, precise and sensitive methods for separation, identification, and quantification of drugs, poisons, and herbal medicines. TLC and High Performance TLC (HPTLC) have found many applications in analytical toxicology for the detection of compounds in a myriad of matrices.

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