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SiliaPrep- SPE & Well Plates, Certified C18

Certified SiliaPrep C18, the new solid phase extraction (SPE) product from SiliCycle, are designed to extract specific analytes with more reproducibiblity and efficiency when using sensitive detectors such as mass spectrometry (MS).

The Certified SiliaPrep C18 is for any reversed phase C18 SPE applications which needs best quality and efficiency for validated analytical method.

The main goal for the Certified SiliaPrep C18 is to provide, to the SPE end-user, the appropriate product for his specific application (environmental or validated method). We offer the Certified SiliaPrep C18 with all quality control (QC) data that proves their high quality compared to other competitive products. These SPE are manufactured using stringent performance and cleanliness specifications and are QC-tested for extractables and leachables.

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