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Morphine, Codeine, Hydromorphone, Norcodeine, Hydrocodone, Oxycodone, Oxymorphone

SPE Cartridge

SiliaPrepX SCX
30 mg / 3 mL

Sample Pretreatment before Loading

Add 125 µL of concentrated HCl to 0.5 mL of urine.
Heat at 95°C for 1.5 hour.
Cool, add 2 mL of Sodium Acetate buffer (0.1 M, pH 4.5).
Neutralize with 250 µL of Potassium Hydroxide (7 N), vortex.
pH should be inferior to 6.0.
Centrifugate at 6,000 rpm for 20 minutes.


0.5 mL of Methanol


1 mL of Water


Pretreated sample


1 mL of 2 % Formic Acid
1 mL of Methanol
Dry the cartridge


2 mL of Ammonium Hydroxide / Methanol (20:100)

Further Treatment

Evaporation under Nitrogen, reconstitution with 0.1 % Formic Acid in Methanol / Water (5:95) and quantification by LC/MS/MS.

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  1. SiliaPrepX SCX Polymeric SPE Cartridges, 85 µm, 60 Å (SPE-P0005)

    SiliaPrepX Polymeric SPE Cartridges, Tosic Acid (SCX), 85 µm, 60 Å (SPE-P0005)

    SiliaPrepX SCX is a polystyrene-divinylbenzene copolymer functionalized by a strong cation exchanger presenting a high selectivity for acids (pKa 2 - 10). It is highly stable in organic solvents.

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