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PURITY AFTER IMPURITY: 4 new scavengers
Share SiliCycle's Passion for Compound Purification with our New Scavengers Launch!

SiliCycle delivers easier, cleaner, faster, more efficient purification processes using scavengers: those are silica gels functionalized with various molecules featuring scavenging properties toward different metals and / or organics. We name our metal scavengers SiliaMetS and our organic scavengers SiliaBond.

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In processes that use a series of chemical reaction steps and various catalysts, the removal of reaction by-products - including metals, organics, metals & colour bodies - is critical to produce high quality pharmaceuticals or products.
A large part of the production costs stem from downstream processings.

Our main goal is to enable scientists to maximize their purification steps in an environmentally sustainable manner.
We help our clients to achieve outstanding success across many industries: from pharma discovery labs to production plants, from universities to research centers, not forgetting semi-conductor production, mining, electronics, optical fibers industries and so on.

liquid-liquid extraction (LLE)

Traditional purification means are good but not great:

  • Crystallization involves a compound exposed for a long time to high temperatures, increasing the risk for thermal degradation. It is expensive, and total recovery is hard to achieve.
  • Solvent Extraction is long, implies large volumes of solvents, often implies colored and viscous extracts, and is hardly optimizable.
  • Chromatography is effective but also very expensive, consumes large quantities of solvents (hence requiring further downstream processing) and poorly suitable for large scale operations.

Tired of struggling with these kind of drawbacks? Silica scavengers combine the benefits of classical, century-old purification techniques while integrating new assets that are becoming more and more critical in modern industries.
New purification procedures need to be more selective, more efficient, quicker and greener.

Discover our 4 new scavengers:

  • SiliaBond Guanidine - for organic compounds scavenging
    A very powerful scavenger for the chelating of organic acids in general, especially boronic acids and phenolic acids. It may also be used as a very strong base: it is sufficiently basic to deprotonate moderately acidic hydrogens, as in the alkylation of amines and the esterification of carboxylic acids. [read more]
  • SiliaMetS DEAM - for both metal and organic compounds scavenging
    Our best scavenger for the scavenging of Titanium (Ti) and Boronic Acids, as well as being very powerful for Zinc (Zn), Iron (Fe), Silver (Ag) and Tin (Sn). [read more]
  • SiliaMetS AMPA - for metal scavenging
    It is our best scavenger for the scavenging of Aluminium (Al), Antimony (Sb), Gadolinium (Gd), Lanthanides (La) and Vanadium (V). It is also very strong for the chelating of Cerium (Ce), Iridium (Ir), and Nickel (Ni). [read more]
  • SiliaMetS DOTA - for metal scavenging
    Exceptionally powerful for Copper & Zinc Scavenging. DOTA molecule is a well-adopted complexing agent. It is an excellent cage for scavenging, among others, Calcium (Ca), Copper (Cu), Gadolinium (Gd), Lanthane (La), Nickel (Ni) & Zinc (Zn). It is also very effective for Cobalt (Co), Iron (Fe), Manganese (Mg), Palladium (Pd), Platinum (Pt) & Ruthenium (Ru). [read more]


SiliCycle Scavenging Portfolio

Our scavengers portfolio also relies on:
  • SiliaMetS Thiol
    Our most versatile and robust metal scavenger. It is not our blockbuster seller for no reason: Si-Thiol is extremely efficient for a vast range of metals while totally compatible with all lab experimental conditions (solvents, fast stirring, temperatures...). [read more]
  • SiliaMetS DMT
    SiliaMetS DMT is our 2nd all-star metal scavenger. Similarly to SiliaMetS Thiol, it is very effective and flexible, particularly toward Ruthenium catalysts and hindered Palladium complexes (eg: Pd(dppf)Cl2). [read more]

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New Scavengers Technical Information


Organic Scavengers Metal Scavengers
Functionnal Group Guanidine 1 DEAM AMPA DOTA
Product Number R68230B R54430B R85130B R591030B
Minimal Loading 0.80 mmol/g 0.85 mmol/g 0.80 mmol/g 0.38 mmol/g
Approx. Density (g/mL) 0.732 0.691 0.707 0.681
Storage Keep dry Keep cool (≤ 8°C) and dry Keep dry Keep dry
Typical Metals Scavenged 2 Known to be efficient toward some heavy metals Ag, Fe, Sn, Ti & Zn Al, Ce, Dy, Er, Eu, Gd, Ho, La, Lu, Mn, Nd, Ni, Pm, Pr, Sb, Sm, Tb, Tm, V & Yb
Co, Cu, Fe, Mg & Zn
Ca, Cu, Gd, La, Ni & Zn
Co, Fe, Mg, Pd, Pt & Rh
Typical Organic Compounds Scavenged 3
Acyl Chlorides & Sulfonyl Chlorides
Acids & Acidic Phenols
Alcohols & Alkoxides
Aldehydes, Anhydrides, Chloroformates, Isocyanates, Ketones
Amines & Anilines
Boronic Acids
Thiol / thiolates & Organometallics

1 Also a strong “superbase” for organic synthesis: useful for alkylation / etherification reactions, Micheal additions, as an organocatalyst, an exchange membrane transporter, and as a peptide / peptide mimic. Sufficiently basic to deprotonate moderately acidic hydrogens

2 Metals
metal: Best Scavengered Metals
metal: Scavengered Metals

3 Organic Molecules
  Best Scavengered Electrophiles
  Ionic Scavengered


SiliCycle's Complete Range of Functionalized Silicas

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