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Scavenging of Potential Genotoxic Impurities (PGI)

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Potential Genotoxic Impurities (PGI) are a main concern for the pharmaceutical industry, since compounds used in drung manufacturing reactions may have genotoxic properties and thus have to be removed from the final product.

Potential Genotoxic Impurities (PGI) have gained considerable attention due to their carcinogenic character to induce genetic mutations and / or chromosomal rearrangements.
These compounds cause DNA damage by various mechanisms such as alkylation or other interactions and lead to mutation of the genetic code.

In situations where formation of PGIs cannot be avoided, an ideal solution would be to perform complete removal of PGIs after the synthesis is completed.
For example, recrystallization, preparative chromatography or other downstream processing approaches might be considered. Many disadvantages of using such approaches include: potential yield loss, high solvent consumption, dditional time and resources required for process development.


SiliCycle's PGI Scavengers

Depending on the nature of the impurity present inside your product, you can try one of our genotoxic scavengers in order to eliminate tedious post-reaction purifications.

Organic & PGI Scavengers

  • SiliaMetS DEAM
  • SiliaBond Piperazine
  • SiliaBond Propylsulfonic Acid
  • SiliaBond Tosic Acid
  • SiliaMetS Triamine

Metal & PGI Scavengers

  • SiliaMetS Thiol
  • SiliaMetS DMT
  • SiliaMetS Triamine
  • SiliaMetS DEAM
  • SiliaMetS DOTA
  • SiliaMetS TAAcOH
  • SiliaBond Tosic Acid
For more information about our PGI scavengers, please contact us: [email protected]

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  1. SiliaBond Propylsulfonic Acid (SCX-2) (R51230B)

    SiliaBond Propylsulfonic Acid (SCX-2) (R51230B)

    Strong acid widely used in different fields of synthetic organic chemistry. Among these applications, we denote their uses as acid catalysts, stationary phases for ion chromatography and basic impurity scavengers. The most common use is probably as a strong cation exchanger (SCX) for the amine "Catch and Release" purification technique in SPE cartridges.
  2. SiliaBond Piperazine (R60030B)

    SiliaBond Piperazine (PPZ) (R60030B)

    SiliaBond Piperazine (Si-PPZ) is a useful deprotecting and scavenging agent for Fmoc and Bsmoc amino protecting groups and as a solid-phase Knoevenagel catalyst. According to the results of a study, Si-PPZ is superior to its polystyrene-based equivalent. SiliaBond Piperazine may also be used to scavenge electrophiles.
  3. SiliaBond Tosic Acid (SCX) scavenger (R60530B)

    SiliaBond Tosic Acid (SCX) (R60530B)

    SiliaBond Tosic Acid (SiliaBond SCX, Si-TsOH) is a versatile bound strong acid with a pka <<1. It is widely used for the scavenging of amines and other basic functionalities, including weakly basic anilines, borohydrides, and metals such as Ni and Ag. It can also be used as an acid catalyst for organic reactions. Si-TsOH can serve as an alternative method to quench reactions instead of aqueous or organic soluble acids.
  4. SiliaMetS Triamine metal scavenger (R48030B)

    SiliaMetS Triamine (R48030B)

    Effective for scavenging metals such as Pb, Co, Ru and Pd. Our screening studies have shown it to be the preferred scavenger for Pb. It can also be used as a scavenger for acid chlorides, isocyanates and other electrophiles.
  5. SiliaMetS Thiol (SH) (R51030B)

    SiliaMetS Thiol (SH) Metal Scavenger (R51030B)

    Our most versatile and robust metal scavenger for a variety of metals under a wide range of conditions. Best scavenger for: Ag, Hg, Os, Pd & Ru. Good scavenger for: Cu, Ir, Pb, Rh, Se & Sn.
  6. SiliaMetS TAAcOH nec (R69030B)

    SiliaMetS TAAcOH nec (R69030B)

    SiliaMetS TAAcOH is an effective scavenger for metals in low or zero oxidation states, which includes many of the most synthetically useful catalysts. Best scavenger for: Ca, Co, Ir, Li, Mg, Ni, Os, Ru & Sc. Good scavenger for: Cr, Cs, Fe, Pd, Rh & Sn.
  7. SiliaMetS DMT (Dimercaptotriazine) (R79030B)

    SiliaMetS DMT (Dimercaptotriazine) (R79030B)

    SiliaMetS DMT is the silica - bound equivalent of 2,4,6 - trimercaptotriazine (trithiocyanuric acid, TMT). It is a versatile metal scavenger for a variety of metals and the preferred metal scavenger for ruthenium catalysts and hindered Pd complexes. Best scavenger for: As, Ir, Ni, Os, Pd, Pt, Rh, Ru & Se. Good scavenger for: Cd, Co, Cu, Fe, Sc & Zn.

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