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SiliCycle - Your Trustworthy Partner for Your Scavenging Projects

Efficient metal impurities removal with SiliaMetS Thiol

As a leading manufacturer of scavengers for metal and organic impurity removal, we have developed the most comprehensive line of products available on the market today as well as extensive experience to help customers implement optimal solutions from method development and scale-up all the way to commercialization.

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SiliCycle's modern plant allows a fast and flexible production of various formats, from grams to multi-ton

We know that insuring and securing supply of key materials at every stage, from grams to multi-ton, is crucial for the success of any project.

This is why we have dedicated ourselves for more than two decades at becoming the most reliable, competent and trustworthy supplier of scavengers and that we are again expanding our capacity with an additional 1500 m² of modern manufacturing space.


If you are facing any current challenges, either technical or logistic, we would love to be part of your solution.
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We are always available to discuss any need you may have.




SiliaMetS E-PAK Fixed-Bed Flow-Through Purification Cartridges

E-PAK flow-through purification cartridges

E-PAK products are radial flow adsorption cartridges developed specifically for pharmaceutical processing.

Created with proprietary technology E-PAK cartridge products provide rapid adsorption kinetics at flow rates and processing capacities suitable for laboratory, pilot and commercial operations.

E-PAK cartridges are designed for use with organic and aqueous solvents and incorporate design features useful for the production of active pharmaceutical ingredients (API) manufactured in explosion proof environments.

E-PAK cartridges are available in a range of sizes and formulas (Ecosorb C-Series carbon formulas & custom, and SiliaMetS Metal Scavenger) to accommodate the broad range of processing requirements encountered over the API development cycle.

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