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X-Pure Omega

Q&A & Technical Support

SiliCycle is a client-oriented organisation.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1 - Do you have an essential fatty acid production and metabolism chart available?

R- Of course, please explore and find out more with the image herein:
essential fatty acid production and metabolism chart

Q2 -When can I expect to receive the fatty acids I have ordered?

R- Available fatty acids will be shipped within 5 working days (shipments are made on Mondays or Tuesdays - dry ice shipment).

Q3 - Under what conditions should I store essential fatty acids?

R- Optimal conservation conditions are -80°C in their original vial. After reconstitution, they should be stored at -80°C and freeze-thaw cycles must be avoided. We therefore recommend to solubilize the fatty acids in the serum to obtain a stock solution that will be aliquoted in sterile Eppendorfs containing your volume of use for one day.

Q4 - Do I need to filter off the essential fatty acids before supplementing my cells?

R- Filtering off is not recommended because they are already sterile. If you would like to filter it anyway, we cannot guarantee the impact of the filtration on the concentration.

Q5 - Can I solubilize essential fatty acids in ethanol or DMSO?

R- Yes in both cases. The same amount of solvent should be included for controls.

Q6 - What is the best way to prepare a supplemented environment?

R- We suggest adding X-Pure essential fatty acids to your culture media for immediate use.

Q7 - What concentration should I start supplementing with?

R- Please consult the data sheet of the fatty acid you are interested in (concentrations generally range from 1 to 50 mg / L).

Q8 - Should I supplement all my cultures?

R- Supplementation of the culture medium will help the cells to produce a more physiological cell membrane. Supplementation is therefore recommended for all cell types, although the effects may be imperceptible without a thorough analysis of the cell membrane. We recommend that you perform appropriate checks to determine the effects of supplementation for your specific application. (See section "Why supplement" for effects on the cells)

Q9 - How can we determine essential fatty acid concentration?

R- Fatty acid concentration can be determined by gas chromatography (GC) with a mass spectrometer type detector. Dosage is possible either in culture medium or cells..

Q10 - What is the source of the fatty acids used and why?

R- Two sources of fatty acids are available. The first being seal fat. This source is used in priority, since it is a product resulting from bio-valorisation (to avoid putting it to waste). Since some countries have banned seal products (European Union and the United States), fatty acids are also isolated from plant sources. The fatty acids of different sources are purified separately and never mixed.

Q11 - Do I have to supplement once or each time I change my medium?

R- Because cells divide continuously and must therefore renew their plasma membrane, it is recommended that supplementation be made at each change of medium.

Q12 - Are all culture media used in laboratories low in essential fatty acids?

R- Yes, unless a supplement containing fatty acids is used. For example, "B27 supplement" used for neuronal cell culture.

Q13 - How do I proceed to request a sample?

R- We will be happy to provide you with a sample of our products and a customized scientific support if you want to evaluate the impact of supplementation for your specific application. You can contact us directly: SAMPLE REQUEST.

Q14 - Are the products GMP grade?

R- All products are certified sterile, but are not yet produced under GMP grade. This production grade is expected by the end of 2018.