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SiliaFlash P60 Irregular Silica Gels, 4 x 25 kg (R12030B-100kg)

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SiliaFlash P60 Irregular Silica Gels, 4 x 25 kg (R12030B-100kg)

Product Description


  • Details

    SiliaFlash® P60 40-63µm (230-400 mesh) 60Å Irregular Silica Gels (R12030B). STANDARD GRADE

    100 kg (4 x 25 kg drums)

    Size up to grade 75%

    Particles for Flash Chromatography: silica for flash & low to medium-pressure preparative chromatography

    • Narrow particle size distribution
    • Easier to pack and more uniform packing
    • Superior resolution
    • Suitable for use with complex matrices

    For GP(General Pressure) ̴ 73 psi (5 bar)

    Suitable for Organic Molecules (MW < 1,000 Dalton)

  • Additional Information

    Family / Formats SiliaFlash® (Irregular Silicas)
    Particle Size 40-63 µm / 230-400 mesh
    Pore Size 60 Å
    Quantity 100 kg (4 x 25 kg drums)
    Endcapping Endcapped
    Storage Condition Keep dry