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SiliaCat Heterogeneous Catalyst Pt0, 5g (R820-100-5G)

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SiliaCat Heterogeneous Catalyst Pt0, 5g (R820-100-5G)

Product Description


  • Details

    SiliaCat Pt0 is made of organosilica physically doped with nanostructured platinum (0), and is both stable and efficient. This catalyst was successfully prepared by a novel and simple sol-gel route. In the new procedure, Pt nanoparticles (uniformly in the range 1.7–3.15 nm) are encapsulated via an alcohol-free sol-gel process typical of enzyme sol-gel encapsulation.

  • Additional Information

    Array dt C18
    Family / Formats SiliaCat® (Heterogeneous Catalysts)
    Quantity 5 g
    Endcapping Endcapped
    Storage Condition Keep dry, cool (<8°C) and under Argon
    Solvent Compatibility All solvents, aqueous and organic
    Color Dark brown to black