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Application notes

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General Topics

> [G001-0] Using Silica-Based Products for Food and Drug Applications

> [G002-0] Plastic Chemical Resistance Guide


SiliaMetS - Metal Scavengers

> [SM001-1] Experimental Procedure Optimization for SiliaMetS Metal Scavengers

> [SM002-0] Comparing Silica and Polymer Supported Products

> [SM005-0] SiliaMetS Thiol and DMT Stability in Aqueous Media

> [SM006-0] Rhodium Removal after a Cycloisomerisation Reaction Using Scavenger Synergy

> [SM007-0] Comparison Between SiliaMetS Metal Scavengers and Other Sorbents

> [SM008-0] Scavenging Potentially Genotoxic Impurities, Benzyl Bromide and Aniline, using SiliaMetS and SiliaBond

> [SM009-0] Different Ways of Removing Rhodium


SiliaFlash - Bare Irregular Silica Gels

> [SF001-1] Quick Overview of Column Chromatography

> [SF002-0] The Brockmann & Schodder Activity Test


SiliaBond - Reagents

> [SBR001-0] Difference Between SiliaBond PCC and PDC: When to Use Each One?

> [SBR002-0] SiliaBond Cyanoborohydride as a Reducing Agent

> [SBR003-0] SiliaBond DMAP as a Nucleophilic Catalyst


SiliaBond - Functionalized Silica Gels

> [SB001-1] Differences between SiliaBond Monomeric & Polymeric

> [SB003-1] SiliaBond pH and Solvent Stability

> [SB002-0] Reversed-Phase Chromatography: General Introduction for Improved Method Development

> [SB004-1] What is Endcapping and Why Do it?

> [SB005-0] Working with Silver Nitrate (AgNO3) Silica-based Products

> [SB006-0] Working with fluorinated silica phases

> [SB007-0] Working with Cyano silica phase

> [SB008-0] Working with Diol silica phase

> [SB009-0] Working with Amine (WAX) silica phase

> [SB010-0] Working with reversed-phases

> [SB011-0] Working with Ion Exchange Silica Phases

> [SB012-0] Scavenging Using SiliaBond Carbonate


SiliaSep - Flash Cartridges

> [SS005-1] Preparing Flash System and Cartridge for Reversed-Phase Chromatography

> [SSp003-0] Choosing Between Spherical Silica Gel (SiliaSep PREMIUM) and Irregular Silica Gel (SiliaSep) for Flash Cartridges

> [SS001-0] Recommended Storage Condition for Functionalized SiliaSep Cartridges

> [SS002-0] SiliaSep Flash Cartridges System Compatibility

> [SS004-0] Amine Sorbent for the Separation of Polar Compounds

> [SS007-0] Understanding Loading Capacities of SiliaSep Cartridges

> [SS008-0] Purification of a Heterocyclic Mixture Using SiliaSep PREMIUM Cartridges

> [SS009-0] Separation of a Mixture of Ursus (Ursus Arctos, Ursus Maritimus, and Ursus Americanus) Using SiliaSep PREMIUM Cartridges

> [SS010-0] Separation of a Pain-Relieving Mixture Using C18 SiliaSep Cartridges With Various Loadings

> [SS011-0] Separation of Caffeine and Other Natural Stimulants Using Reversed-Phase C18 SiliaSep Flash Cartridges


SiliaPrep - SPE Cartridges

> [SP002-0] SiliaPrep SAX-2 nec (TMA Acetate) SPE Cartridges

> [SP004-0] SPE Extraction Using SiliaPrep SCX & SCX-2


E-PAK - Fixed Bed Flow-Through Purification Cartridges

> [EP001-0] Efficient use of E-PAK technology for the removing of a widely used Suzuki catalyst

> [EP002-0] Suzuki Catalysts Scavenging Study with Activated Carbon and SiliaMetS

> [EP003-0] Rhodium Scavenging Study with Activated Carbon and SiliaMetS

> [EP004-0] Efficient use of the E-PAK technology for removing iridium

> [EP005-0] Efficient Method for the Removal of Nickel with E-PAK

> [EP006-0] Using E-PAK technology to remove chlorophyll in a biomass sample

> [EP007-0] Scaling up a Sonogashira Reaction with E-PAK

> [EP008-0] Screening and Efficient Removal of Ruthenium 3rd Generation Grubbs Catalyst


SiliaSphere - Spherical Silica Gels

> [SSP001-1] Packing DAC Columns Using SiliaSphere Spherical Silica Gel

> [SSp003-0] Choosing Between Spherical Silica Gel (SiliaSep PREMIUM) and Irregular Silica Gel (SiliaSep) for Flash Cartridges

> [SSP002-0] Advantages of SiliaSphere PC Spherical Silica over SiliaFlash Irregular Silica


SiliaChrom - HPLC Columns

> [SC001-0] HPLC Columns - Cleaning & Regeneration Procedures

> [SC002-0] Separation of Indomethacin and Antioxidants with SiliaChrom Plus Columns

> [SC003-0] Separation of Tocopherol Isomers Using SiliaChrom Plus HPLC Columns

> [SC004-0] Separation of Anthocyanins from Blueberry Extracts by Reversed-Phase Chromatography


SiliaPlate Thin Layer Chromatography (TLC)

> [SPL001-1] TLC Troubleshooting with SiliCycle’s SiliaPlate

> [SPL002-0] TLC Plate Selection Guide