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Packing DAC Columns Using SiliaSphere Spherical Silica Gel

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Moving on from analytical columns method development to pilot or production scale has always represented a challenge and so has the optimization of the large ID column packing procedures. Most columns for early method development are supplied prepacked by column manufacturers at relatively low costs. In order to keep these costs minimal and for convenience and availability reasons, most process scale column users have elected to integrate Dynamic Axial Compression (DAC) column production in their own facilities whenever they need large ID columns (> 21.2 mm id).

Slurry packed column packing methods become extremely challenging and not so reproducible whenever column ID’s reach 21.2 mm and above often producing inconsistent column beds, voids, channeling and extremely variable packing bed densities throughout the column. These experiences have led to the introduction of the Dynamic Axial Compression columns where a piston applying a constant axial pressure produces highly performant, reproducible and homogeneous column packing beds.

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