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Solid Phase Extraction (SPE)

Solid-phase extraction (SPE) is a technique designed for rapid sample preparation and purification prior chromatographic analysis. You can optimize your SPE protocols by using SiliCycle SiliaPrepand SiliaPrepX™ SPE Cartridges and Well Plates.

For your convenience, SiliaPrep and SiliaPrepX are available in different formats; cartridges (SiliaPrep SPE Cartridges), and well plates (SiliaPrep 96 Well Plates) with various sorbents (SiliaFlash® andSiliaBond®), and bed weight (up to 20 grams). The well plates are used in high throughput combinatorial chemistry, drug discovery and screening, and metabolism pharmacokinetics applications and for automated method as multiprobe approach.

By using SiliaPrep and SiliaPrepX products you will generate higher purity samples and reduce the number of false positives in your screening, resulting in higher quality data. All the SiliaPrep are packed with sorbents based on the fines-free SiliaFlash silica gel.