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Comparing Silica And Polymer Supported Products

The use of solid supported scavengers has become a common method for post-synthesis purification. Polystyrene or PS based scavengers are the most widely available form of solid supported scavengers due to low cost of manufacturing. However, the PS backbone greatly influences the behavior of the scavenger in terms of solvent compatibility and reaction rate. Silica-bound ( SiliaBond®) scavengers have the advantage of a rigid non-swelling backbone that eliminates solvent compatibility and kinetic issues. Additionally, SiliaBond scavengers are easier to handle due to the absence of static.

Bound amine and isocyanate are two very popular scavenger due to their ability to remove a wide range of electrophiles and nucleophiles and therefore are the basis of our study. Here is a collection of internal data and an external study completed by the chemists at Hoffman La-Roche.

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