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Amine Sorbent For The Separation Of Polar Compounds

Due to the growing requirements for more specific and more efficient chromatographic sorbents, SiliCycle has developed a wide selection of chromatographic phases that can be prepared for bulk applications and packed in different sizes of Isco™, FlashMaster™ and Biotage™ compatible cartridges as well as SPE and 96 well plates formats.

SiliaSep Amine sorbent (Si-NH2) is a class of chromatographic functionality that has found its use in various types of applications such as the biological screening for drug of abuse and other basic compounds. Since Amine (NH2) is a weaker anion exchanger (WAX) than all of the commonly used tertiary amines (SAX), it can be used for purification of acidic compounds that would otherwise adsorb to the chromatographic sorbent during extraction. Alternatively, it has also been extensively used in reversed-phase chromatography for the separation of basic compounds that usually requires aminated mobile phase modifiers such as triethylamine (TEA) to prevent tailing or streaking of chromatographic peaks.

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