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3. SiliaBond® Metal Scavengers Characteristics

SiliaBond® Metal Scavengers are made of SiliaFlash® F60 (40-63 μm, 60 Å, 500 m2/g) and endcapped to avoid non-specific binding (undesirable interactions with the free silanols). Therefore, they present the following characteristics:

  • No leaching (chemical stability): no API contamination by the metal scavenger. High selectivity: total recovery of the API.
  • Very good metal affinity: efficient for a wide range of metal catalysts.
  • Solvent compatibility: can be used in any solvent, aqueous (pH 2 to 12) and organic.
  • Fast kinetic: even at room temperature.
  • Easily scalable: from mg up to multi-ton scale.
  • Thermally and mechanically stable synthesizers.
  • Ease of use: no swelling or static charge.
  • Flexible formats: amenable to use in SiliaSep & SiliaPrep Cartridges.
  • Cost efficient: low cost per gram of metal scavenged.
  • Controlled loading

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