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SiliCycle offers silica-based products that can be used in organic synthesis in replacement of homogeneous equivalents. In many cases, supported reagents have distinct advantages over their solution-phase counterparts, the biggest one being the ability to do multiple transformations in a single pot, the immobilization of toxic reagents, and increased selectivity. They are also suitable for use in batch reactions and in flow through applications.

Application Notes

All available applications developed for synthesis purposes are listed below:

General applications

  • Common Organic Reactions

For amide and ester synthesis refer to the following link for more information

Other applications

  • Use of SiliaBond Cyanoborohydride
  • Use of SiliaBond Carbonate
  • Difference Between SiliaBond PCC & PDC: When to Use Them?

SiliaBond Kit 

  • SiliaBond Reagents Kit for Microwave Applications