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Our Services

SiliCycle is also a leading service provider, offering turnkey solutions based on its 20 years expertise in organic chemistry, material science and analytical chemistry.

R&D Services

SiliCycle R&D (research and development) services

SiliCycle offers high-throughput R&D services to pharmaceutical, medicinal & combinatorial industries, categorized into 7 streams: Metal & Organic Scavenging Screenings ; Synthetic Chemistry Services ; Separation Center ; Custom Column Packing ; Material Science ; Analytical Laboratory & Quality Control ; and Microbiology.

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OEM Services

SiliCycle Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) Services
Benefit from SiliCycle’s expertise and let us manufacture your product in our facilities, following your needs and requirements. More than that, we can also provide all the services that you would need to put your product on the market.

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Industrial & Production Scale Solutions

SiliCycle Industrial & Production Scale Solutions
SiliCycle's cutting edge factory and automated manufacturing processes offer a multi-ton capacity, for all your analysis, metal removal, catalysis, synthesis, and purification requirements.

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Extraction & Purification Services

SiliCycle Extraction & Purification Services
SiliCycle is your partner of choice when it comes down to active ingredients from various biomasses. We also provide specialized services to help you develop & optimize your extraction-purification processes.

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