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SiliCycle Industrial & Production Scale Solutions

SiliCycle's cutting edge factory and automated manufacturing processes offer a multi-ton capacity for all your analysis, metal removal, catalysis, synthesis and purification requirements.

SiliCycle Industrial & Production Scale Solutions

As a world-wide supplier of premium silica-based products for pharmaceutical and biotechnology drug manufacturers, SiliCycle has become a value-added, strategic sourcing partner for our customers. At SiliCycle, we truly understand the needs and challenges you encounter when trying to satisfy both the regulatory requirements and the need for economical validated manufacturing.

Listed below are some of the solutions SiliCycle provides to better serve you:

  • On-time Delivery

    As a critical component supplier, SiliCycle understands the importance of maintaining and managing its inventory. As a manufacturer of hundreds of tons of silica-based products, you can feel confident that we will deliver your product on-time.
  • Batch Reservations

    For our customers that do not have the storage capacity, SiliCycle can reserve specific batches of finished product and ship upon request.
  • Packaging sizes

    The wide range of available packaging sizes and formats help eliminate waste and reduce release testing.
  • Batch Sizes

    SiliCycle’s proprietary manufacturing processes can easily be scaled-up to meet the batch size requirements of our customers.
  • Customized Products

    Since SiliCycle controls the manufacturing process, we can customize the particle size distribution, loading, defined water content and any other specification our customers require.
  • Regulatory Filing

    SiliCycle will work with your quality team to provide the necessary documentation and specific analytical testing needed for your regulatory filings.
  • Metal Scavenging Screening Service

    Under a CDA, we will screen a customer’s metal contaminated reaction mixture against our SiliaMetS® Metal scavengers to determine the best scavenger and the best conditions.
  • Catalyst Screening Service

    Looking for the right catalyst to use? SiliCycle’s R&D team can find the optimal conditions for you.
  • Custom Phase Synthesis

    We have the knowledge to graft any function (small molecules, peptides, sugars, and proteins) onto silica gel and we do that for a customer’ specific application for catalysis, support, or chromatography.

With our multi-ton manufacturing capacity, we are your partner of choice for all your large-scale product development and manufacturing.

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