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OEM & Private Label Services

Have an idea and need help developing it according to your specific needs? SiliCycle can help.

Benefit from SiliCycle’s years of expertise and industry know-how to manufacture any analytical product according to your specific requirements or engineering drawings in our facilities.

Private labelling services are also an option. SiliCycle’s products can be produced and packaged under your own name, label, trademark, or otherwise instructed. In addition, your organization will benefit from our support, helping you to achieve a rapid and efficient commercialization as well as a wider market introduction.

New challenges are at the heart of our corporate culture. Working directly with customers, SiliCycle's team of in-house experts ensures that every project comes with an original and flexible solution that matches your needs

HPLC Column SPE Cartridge Flash Cartridge
HPLC Columns SPE Cartridges Flash Cartridges

Why Choose SiliCycle?

  • Over 25 years of experience.

    Skilled in HPLC, Flash and SPE column packing among others.
  • World renowned expert

    Recognized manufacturer of silica and polymer sorbents (either in spherical or irregular form), for use as chromatographic phases or scavengers.
  • State-of-the-art production facility

    Automated manufacturing processes ensure quality products quick to market.
  • ISO 9001-2015 certified

    Stringent quality control in place, satisfaction guaranteed.
  • Easy customization

    Your brand and company name from the product itself all the way to the CoA.
  • Application development

    To help you promote your products, we can develop specific applications for you with our R&D services, including branded technical documents for your clients.
  • Privacy & confidentiality

    SiliCycle has gained the faith of their partners, by keeping secret who we manufacture for.
  • Premium products

    You love the quality and performance of all SiliCycle’s products? Well, it could be your products now.

Need more?

> Contact us to discuss your project and let us make your ideas into reality!