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Analytical Laboratory & Quality Control Services

  • We provide a strong assistance in defining a QA / QC program that meets the full scope of all regulatory requirements
  • Ideal for companies that need cost effective support for SOPs
  • We handle any combination of development, validation and QC release testing for individual methods or complete release packages

SiliCycle’s analytical testing laboratory operates under stringent ISO 9001-2008 procedures and therefore always focus on quality and customer satisfaction.
All procedures and employees are in line to assure you ultimate quality work at extremely competitive pricing.

SiliCycle has earned its international reputation through our commitment to high quality standards. Now everyone can take benefit of our state-of-the-art instrumentation park and expertise in analytical chemistry to guarantee the quality of your products.


Available Instrumentation


Analysis & ApparatusTypical Applications
Dynamic Axial Compression (DAC) Technology
Agilent, Load and Lock Column (DAC) 500 mm x 25 mm
Agilent, Load and Lock Column (DAC) 500 mm x 50 mm
Agilent, Load and Lock Hydrolic Packing Station
Packing system for process preparative LC. Packing capacities for applications ranging from development (multigrams) to production (multi-kilo) of pharmaceutical compounds, peptides and natural products with unique fluid / sample distribution system to maximize productivity.
Flash Chromatography
Gilson®, Flash Chromatography System, Spot Prep II
Büchi®, Flash Chromatography system, Sepacore
Integrated purification system with gradient solvent delivery, sample detection and fraction collection UV-directed.
Designed for easy and straigtforward flash purification
High Performance Liquid Chromatography
Applied Biosystems / MDS Sciex®, LC/MS/MS, API 3000 Gilson®, Preparative LC-MS systems , Flexar SQ 300MS Shimadzu®, Prominence®, Preparative Liquid Chromatograph Thermo, HPLC with Photodiode Array Detector, Surveyor Plus® Thermo Finnigan®, HPLC, Surveyor®
Analytical tools for method development. Reaction mixtures and purified products analysis. Structural information based on the MS/MS fragmentation and liquid chromatographic separation. Optical purity determination (diastereomeric & enantiomeric excess). Stereoisomers separation & isolation.



Analysis & Apparatus Typical Applications
Parallel Evaporation
Büchi®, Syncore® Polyvap
Parallel evaporation of multiple samples for increased productivity in parallel and multistage synthesis.
Microwave Synthesis
CEM®, Discover®, Microwave Synthesizer
Energy transfer from electric field to molecules through dipole rotation and ionic conduction.
Flow Chemistry
Syrris Asia®, 220 Flow Chemistry
Great variety of chemical reactions, with wide ranges of temperatures, pressures and reaction times on scales from mg to kg.
Parallel Synthesis
SiliCycle MiniBlock® and MiniBlock XT®
Specially designed for carrying multiple reactions simultaneously, with refluxing and inerting capabilities. Compatible with solution & solid-phase synthesis.
Automated Sample Preparation
Gilson®, Solid Phase Extraction, GX-274 ASPEC
Automated sample preparation system for sample prep and run: positive pressure extractions and filtrations. SPE process performed in either batch or sequential mode.
Freeze Drying
Labconco, Lyophilizer, FreeZone™ Bulk Tray Dryers
Product drying following HPLC purification.


Analysis Technologies

Analysis & Apparatus Resolution & Detection Specifications Typical Applications
Elemental Analysis
PerkinElmer®, 2400 Series II CHNS/O Analyzer
3 modes: CHN, CHNS and Oxygen
Temperature range: 100 - 1,000°C
Rapid determination of carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen, sulfur and oxygen content in organic and other types of materials.
Tap Density
Electrolab, Tap Density Tester, ETD-1020
Two-stations tester
USP I, USP II, ASTM test methods
Minimal sample required: 25 g
Tapped density measurements of powders, granules, pellets, flakes and other bulk substances.
Sieve Shaking
Gilson®, Tapping Sieve Shakers, SS-8R
Particle range: 20 - 4,000 μm
Agitation mode: tapping
Minimal sample required: 10 g
Consistent & repeatable particle size testing over a broad range of irregular particle sizes and material types.
Particle Size Analysis by Laser Diffraction
Malvern Instruments™, Mastersizer 2000™, Hydro 2000S
Particle range: 0.01 - 3,000 μm
Minimal sample required: 0.5 - 1 g
Metal powder particle size distribution measurement.
Optical diffusion of laser light on particle in suspension.
pH Measurement
VWR®, pH meter, SympHony SB70P®
Minimal sample required: 5 mL (liquids) or 5 g (solids) Acidity or alkalinity measurement.
Water Content Determination
Mettler Toledo®, Karl Fischer, Coulometric KF Titrator C20
Mettler Toledo®, Karl Fischer, Volumetric KF Titrator V20
Sartorius®, Moisture Balance, MA30
Minimal sample required:
10 mg
200 mg
Simple, secure water determination by electrolysis or chemical titration.
Surface Area & Porosity Analysis
Micromeritics®, BET, TriStar
Micromeritics®, BET, TriStar II
Range: From 20 to 250 Å
Hg porosimetry available for sizes above 250 Å
Minimal sample required: 1 g
Surface area and porosity analysis, determined by physical adsorption of a gas (N2) on surface of the solid (amount of adsorbate gas vs monomolecular layer on surface). Amount of gas adsorbed can be measured by volumetric or continuous flow procedure.
Neutron Activation Analysis (NAA)
SLOWPOKE Reactor coupled to 4 gammarays spectrometers, each incorporated with germanium detectors (HPGe)
5 kg of uranium enriched to 20 % U-235. At full power (20 kW), neutron flux in the five irradiation sites reaches 1012/cm2/s. Nuclear process for determination of elements concentrations in a vast array of materials. NAA allows discrete sampling of elements and disregards the chemical form of a sample (nucleus focus).
Inductively Coupled Plasma (ICP) Analysis
PerkinElmer®, Optima™ 2100 DV ICP-OES
Thermo Scientific, XSERIES 2 ICP-MS
Specifications of analysis, detections limits largely dependent on subtrate, element, interferences, initial concentration, dilution solvent etc. Identification and concentration measurement of up to 70 elements simultaneously (mostly metals). Solid samples must be digested prior to analysis.



Analysis & Apparatus Resolution & Detection Specifications Typical Applications
Gas Chromatography (GC)
PerkinElmer®, GC/FID, GC, Clarus 400®
PerkinElmer®, GC/MS, GC, Clarus 600®, MS, Clarus 600C
Min. sample required: 1,000 μL
Molecular ions up to m/z 500
Separation & analysis of compounds that can be vaporized without decomposition, for purity testing, components separation and relative amounts.



Analysis & Apparatus Resolution & Detection Specifications Typical Applications
Agilent, Spectrophotometer, Cary 60
λ range: 190 - 1,100 nm Transmission and reflection (diffuse and specular) color, concentration (solution).
Infrared Spectroscopy
PerkinElmer®, FT-IR Spectrometer, Spectrum 100®
Minimal sample required:
1 mL (liquids) or 1 g (solids)
High spectral resolution data collection over a wide spectral range, for structural analysis or non-destructive measurement applications.


Nuclear Magnetic Resonance

Analysis & Apparatus Resolution & Detection Specifications Typical Applications
Liquid Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR)
Agilent, Inova 400 MHz
Dual channels, PFG 5 mm probe direct detection of multinuclei
Frequency range: 15N, 31P, 1H, 19F
Temperature range: -80 to 120°C
Characterization of structured organic and inorganic compounds, allowing detection and characterization of smaller amounts of material and more complex molecules. Besides the hydrogen atom, many other nuclei such as carbon and nitrogen are well suited to study by NMR.
Solid Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR)
Bruker, Biospin Avance 300 MHz
Dual channels
MAS 7 mm (probe) triple 15N, 13C, 1H
MAS 4 mm (probe) triple 15N, 31P, 1H
Dual static probe: 15N, 31P, 1H
Temperature range: -20 to 100°C
In media with no or little mobility (e.g.: crystals, powders, large membrane vesicles, molecular aggregates), anisotropic interactions have a substantial influence on the behavior of a system of nuclear spins.



Analysis & Apparatus Resolution & Detection Specifications Typical Applications
Scanning Electron Microscopy (FIB/SEM)
FEI™, Quanta™ 3D FEG
Electron gun: 200 V - 30 kV, 0 - 200 nA
Resolution: 1.2 nm
Ga ion source: 2 - 30 kV, 1 pA - 65 nA
Resolution: 7 nm
Sample observation at the nanoscale (SEM), elemental analysis by X-ray (SEM), etching nanoscale (FIB), analysis of cross-sections of multilayer deposition (FIB-SEM).
Transmission Electron Microscopy (TEM)
JEOL, JEM-1230
Bright field and dark field imaging Electronic diffraction information High resolution imaging of atomic structures (carbon nanotubes, nanoparticles, nanoclays, etc.). Spatial distribution of nanoprecipitates in steels. Crystalline structure identification using SAED.


Thermal Analysis

Analysis & Apparatus Resolution & Detection Specifications Typical Applications
Thermogravimetric Analysis (TGA & TGA-MS)
TA Instruments®, TGA 2950
TA Instruments®, TGA Q500
Pfeiffer Vacuum, ThermoStar™ GSD 301 T
Mass: 0.1 mg
Temperature: ̴ 0.1°C
MS: 0 - 300 amu
Mass change vs time and temperature, identification of volatile degradation components.


Food Safety

Analysis & Apparatus Methods
Food Testing
Determination of Ash, Dietary Fibers, Vitamins, Fat, Proteins; Salts, Cholesterol and Metallic Content;
Carbohydrate Counting & Caloric Value
Methods: AOAC 945.30; 925.11; 935.42; AOAC 985.29; AOAC 18th 2001.13; 992.04; AOAC 967.27; 985.33; AOAC 991.36, AOAC 911.06; 933.05; 925.32; 948.15; 950.54; AOAC 996.06; AOAC 963.15; AOAC 2001.11; 955.04; 950.36;991.20;970.22; 992.23; AOAC 9373.09; 935.47; 935.43; AOAC 976.26; AOAC 985-01 Atwater Method (G.E.P.A 2003)
Drinking Water Quality
Determination of Metals and Salts Content
Methods: MA. 103 - Tur 1.0; MA.200 Hg 1.0 and EPA 245.5 or MA.203 - Hg; MA.200 - Met 1.2; MA.300-CN 1.2; MA.303 - Anion 1.1; MA.303 - Nutrients

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