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Custom Column Packing Services

Your Need, Our Production, Your Satisfaction

SiliCycle has been refining its expertise in Column Manufacturing and is always committed to offer superior product quality

As we strive for continuous growth and bring on board rare expertise, the acquisition in 2012 of “Chromatography Sciences Company Inc.” (CSC), a Canadian pioneer in the manufacturing of HPLC columns, has strengthened our position in the analytical field

A dedicated crew of scientists with over thirty years of column packing experience is ready to meet head-to-head with your most difficult challenges in terms of phase, particle size and column dimensions.

Performance & Reproducibility

An extensive range of different formats, sizes, phases, particle and pore sizes are readily available. Should you be looking for a custom column whether it is a unique phase, particular bonding, unusual column dimension, particle size or pore size, please contact us and we will confidentially address your demand and study its feasibility.

Upon request, SiliCycle may also pack columns with custom-made stationary phases supplied by the customer.

Formats Available Medias Availble
  • HPLC columns (analytical, semi-preparative & preparative)
  • Luer-lock type Flash cartridges (from 4 g to 1.6 kg)
  • Compatible flash 150 and 400 cartridges (2.5 kg, 5 kg, 20 kg and 41 kg)
  • Solid-phase extraction cartridges (from 1 mL to 276 mL)
  • Well plates (24, 48,96 & 384 well plates)
  • Silica or polymer-based phases
  • Functionalized chromatographic & ion exchange phases
  • Silica-based scavengers (metal, organic & genotoxic impurities)
  • Other supports available (alumina, florisil, activated carbon, etc.)

If the off-the-shelf product is not working for your application and you know exactly what you are looking for, we offer packing solutions for the widest range of formats and phases available on the market.

Batch Reservation Service

SiliCycle is well aware of the importance of column-to-column reproducibility and always makes this a priority and a factor of absolute importance. Yet, very demanding separations call for extremely hard standards to reach. In order to meet these very rigorous needs, SiliCycle now offers a batch reservation service especially designed for very tight separations requiring maximal resolutions between analytes of interest.

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