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Material Science Services

  • We develop tailor-made sorbents to adapt to the customer’s process - not the other way around - optimizing flow rate, back pressure & any other relevant parameter
  • We unlock the door to unique sorbents & catalysts giving our customers a competitive edge by synthesizing advanced materials with specific properties

We have over two decades of experience with silica, microporous and mesoporous materials.

We can work closely with you to design and manufacture customized products that will meet your requirements.
Our experienced chemists can graft demanding organic or inorganic molecule on many matrices to meet your needs.

Most Popular Custom Chemical Services

  • Custom material synthesis based on your requirements
  • Custom material synthesis based on your requirements
  • Immobilisation, grafting, encapsulation or adsorption of organic & inorganic molecules on silica or other materials
  • Customized particle size distribution, water content, etc.
  • Catalyst support, mixed-oxides or organic moieties synthesis
  • Improvements of your own catalysts to enhance activity, selectivity, etc.

Mesoporous Silica - SiliCycle material science services

Partial instrumentation list:

  • Elemental Analysis (CNS)
  • Thermographic Analyzer coupled to Mass Spectrometer
  • Neutron Activation Reactor
  • Karl-Fisher Titrator
  • Tap Density Tester
  • pH meter

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  1. SiliCycle R&D Services brochure

    SiliCycle R&D Services

    Brochure (8 pages) - Introduction to SiliCycle's Research and Development services.

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