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Metal & Organic Scavenging Screenings

This service is specially designed for scientists that are either faced with a residual impurity that needs to be removed, or that concentration needs to be reduced.

With increasing regulatory requirements (FDA, ICH) for residual levels of metal catalysts or organic potentially genotoxic impurities (PGI compounds), the removal of post-reaction metal residues has become a major issue in the industry. Not only SiliCycle offers an unparalleled range of metal and organic scavengers, which significantly reduce the levels of these impurities, but we also offer screening services.

Our scavenging screening services are innovative as they provide a solution to quickly develop the most efficient scavenging process providing both time and cost savings. Confidentiality is assured, as in most cases the solution involves working with API and other patented materials, and easy technology transfers are guaranteed.

Over the years, SiliCycle has developed a number of screening services to assist customers in their projects and help identify solutions for purification challenges, at all stages & scales, from R&D to production.

  • Main objective is to accelerate research, optimize production costs, while remaining fully in compliance with new regulations & environmental challenges
  • Scavenging strategies imply lower volumes of solvent, less person-days and higher yields by minimizing loss of product via classical purification processes

Take the step many major pharmaceutical companies have taken, and contact us to discuss how we can help you reach your purity goals.

Such analysis has become routine for us, so you can be assured of the best quality services. What we are able to offer is a unique, confidential, full screening program on a particular metal residue or organic impurity.

This is a comprehensive service focussing on a removal or recovery challenge using a broad range of functionalities and conditions to identify the optimal experimental procedure for your needs and requirements.

Depending on your project needs, various parameters can be evaluated such as:

  • Screening condition: scavengers type, solvent, amount of scavenger, reaction time and temperature
  • Optimization and scale-up
  • Recovery and purity evaluation

Full Process Scale

We can also offer an exclusive partnership program designed to run scavenging on Full Process Scale. We will be working closely with you to identify your needs and requirements. This optimisation of your R&D project can either take place as a slurry, in your reactor (bulk mode), or through a cartridge in a flow mode.

Need help? We can also provide an expedited service, offering an initial look at an impurity removal issue

Process Outline

  1. NDA signed for confidentiality purpose
  2. Scavenging questionnaire completed by customer and revised by our experts
  3. Communications to determine the objectives of the service
  4. Customer’s sample sent to SiliCycle
  5. Initial lab-scale screening to select the most efficient scavengers and generate data
  6. Optimization of the conditions
  7. Scale-up trials and purity evaluation
  8. Preparation of the report and wrap up meeting to present results to customer
  9. Detailed experimental procedure for easy technology transfer & plant trials

All our scavenging screening services are carried out in our laboratories at our Headquarters in Quebec City by our experienced team.

From the beginning through the end of the project, our team works closely with you to report progress on the screening. A complete report is sent and we work with you to ensure a successful, easy technology transfer.

If needed, our experts can do on-site visits to help during the process transfer.

Many screening services are available and can be adapted to your needs & budgets.

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