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Our Scientific Team Expertise & Talents

Scientific Team & Know-How

SiliCycle’s mandate is to offer on-time tailored package of work with communication report format, cost and timeframe in lined with your projects.
Our domain of expertise lies in our experts’ vast knowledge and skills in a variety of core competencies in various domains.
They all are passion-driven scientists with University levels and very own individual expertise.

A Brief Overview of Our Scientist’ Competencies

Analytical Chemistry

  • Analytical method development and optimization (UPLC, HPLC, GC, etc.)
  • Extraction of natural compounds
  • Sample preparation using various techniques (SPE, QuEChERS, etc.)
  • Method validation under Good Laboratories Practices norms

Medicinal & Organic Chemistry

  • Total synthesis of natural products, active ingredients and small molecules
  • Synthesis of very elaborated heterocycles, building block and complex intermediates
  • Enantioselective total synthesis and asymmetric catalytic synthesis of various compounds
  • Boronic acids, fluorine and peroxide-based chemistries
  • Green chemistry and organic chemistry in water

Biology, Biochemistry

  • Interactions of biomolecules and biochemical signaling
  • Genetics, metabolism and PCR
  • Molecular-scale biological chemistry

Catalysis & Organometallic Chemistry

  • Homogeneous and heterogeneous catalysis (coupling, hydrogenation, oxidation, etc.)
  • Development of solid-supported catalysts
  • Synthesis of chiral ligands

Chemical Engineering, Physical & Petrochemistry

  • Encapsulation of active ingredients in many matrices
  • Materials characterization using various techniques
  • Surface modifications and functionalization of materials
  • Synthesis of organosilanes, organosilicon compounds and mesoporous molecular sieves

Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed

We aim at establishing long-term partnership with our customers by offering an all-inclusive service.
That is, over 75 % of our services are repeat business, an evidence of our engagement and commitment to meet and exceed expectations.

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