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Synthetic Chemistry Services

SiliCycle is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of specialty supported products and can help you with more than your separation challenges.

Our team of synthetic chemists have been successful in numerous industries from pharma to material sciences. Our highly skilled scientists are ready to develop for you cost-effective synthetic processes using either solution or solidphase chemistry from milligram to kilogram scale at competitive prices.

Here is a brief overview of available services.

Custom Chemical Synthesis

SiliCycle has a wide experience in the design and synthesis of new organic molecules and the development of novel methodology for their preparation. In especially challenging synthetic pathways, we can help you out with your most difficult synthetic reactions, using cutting-edge technology to develop cost-effective solutions.

  • We accelerate drug development by setting up & optimizing crutial steps using an innovative silica-based technology in a matter of weeks
  • Proper optimization = lower catalyst / reagents cost & simpler downstream processing
  • We develop safer & cleaner processes leading to atom economy and further cost reduction

Available Technologies

  • Flow chemistry
  • High-pressure chemistry
  • Solid-supported chemistry
  • Microwave-assisted reaction
  • Parallel synthesis and purification
  • Targeted library synthesis

Molecules We Have Expertise With

  • Small molecules and API
  • Peptides
  • Very elaborate heterocycles
  • Building blocks and complex intermediates
  • Complex monomers
  • Innovative routes and compounds
  • Reference compounds (standards)

Most Popular Custom Chemical Services

  • Project evaluation and literature searches
  • Synthesis of active compounds, building blocks and intermediates from mg to kg scale
  • Synthetic route design, realization & optimization
  • Synthesis of targeted library
  • Scale-up of existing or new reactions
  • Transfer of heterogeneous batch process to flow
  • Transfer of homogeneous process to heterogeneous
  • Scavenging of residual metal catalyst


Catalysis Services

Our main objective is to extend your R&D or production and help you bring your product to market more quickly.

Our approach combines a broad scope of expertise which can accelerate your catalyst’s screening, optimize an existing catalytic process, test the feasibility of a new one or understand metal-catalyzed reaction.

As a catalyst manufacturer with multiple patents, our skilled and competent catalysis group can investigate any reaction parameter (catalyst loading, solvent, ligand, base / additive nature, concentration, temperature, time, etc.) to maximize yields and purity as well as to reduce wastes and costs.

Most Popular Catalysis Services:
  • Catalysts screening and evaluation
  • Catalytic process optimization
  • Tailor-made catalyst development to fit your requirements
  • Scale-up of catalytic reactions: up to kg & process transfer to pilot scale (1 - 5 kg)


Process Services

SiliCycle understands the importance of having a robust and cost-effective synthesis when it comes to process development and manufacturing. We offer flexible process services based on a structured approach to increase yields and purities at reduced costs.
Being 100 % committed, our process experts can help you make your project a success story and work with you on process enhancements.

Most Popular Process Services:

  • Identification of safety issues and synthetic opportunities
  • Route scouting & feasibility
  • Yield and purity optimization
  • Resolution of challenging bottleneck steps
  • Process scale-up from laboratory to kilo-lab synthesis
  • Manufacturing support & process engineering
  • Scavenging of residual metal catalyst

Typical Process Enhancement Parameters

For each process service, these parameters can be further refined upon request:

  • Safety
  • Reproducibility
  • Cost optimization
  • Yield & purity improvement
  • Time constraints (productivity)
  • Solvent substitution (greener, safer or cheaper)
  • Volume constraints
  • Robustness

Partial instrumentation list:

  • Centrifuges, Evaporators, Ovens & Pumps
  • Fully Functional Chemistry Fume Hoods
  • High Shear Mixers & Sonicators
  • Microwave Synthesizer & Flow System
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