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Syringe Filter PTFE, 13 mm, 0.22 µm, 100/box

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Syringe Filter PTFE, 13 mm, 0.20 µm, 100/box


  • Additional Information

    Family / Formats Consumables
    Quantity 100/box
    Membrane Porosity 0.22 μm
    Sample Volumes 1 mL - 10 mL
    Membrane Diameter 13 mm
    Membrane Type Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE)
    Sample preparation prior to HPLC & GC analysis Alternative Membranes
    High particulate loads Alternative Membranes
    Pure organic and aggressive solvents Recommended Membranes
    Environmental analysis Recommended Membranes
    Food & beverage analysis Recommended Membranes
    Acids Acetic, 25%, Acetic, Glacial, Formic, 25%, Hydrochloric, 25%, Nitric, 25%, Phosphoric, 25%, Sulfuric, 25%
    Ketones Acetone, Cyclohexanone, Methyl Ethyl Ketone, Methyl Isobutyl Ketone