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SiliaMetS® AMPA

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SiliaMetS® AMPA

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Product Number Particle Size Pore Size Quantity  
R85130B-5G 40 - 63 µm / 230 - 400 mesh 60 Å 5 g

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R85130B-10G 40 - 63 µm / 230 - 400 mesh 60 Å 10 g

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R85130B-25G 40 - 63 µm / 230 - 400 mesh 60 Å 25 g

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Product Description



  • Details

    SiliaMetS AMPA is an aminomethylphosphonic acid ligand known for its excellent metal-bonding properties. It is particularly efficient to remove Aluminium, Antimony, Nickel, Lanthanides, and also very effective for Cobalt, Iron, Manganese and Zinc scavenging from reaction intermediates or final APIs. 

    Effectively eliminates Iron, Copper, Zinc, Manganese, Lanthanides, Antimony and Nickel. SiliaMetS AMPA is a silica-supported Aminomethylalkylphosphonic acid ligand.

    It is our best scavenger for the scavenging of Antimony (Sb), Nickel (Ni), Manganese (Mn), Lanthanides (La) and Vanadium (V). It is especially strong for the chelating of Cerium (Ce).


    • Scavengers are our class of functionalized silica that exhibit ability to bond (that is, to “scavenge”) various metal compounds or organic molecules dissolved in solution.
    • Recently, the need to carry out more challenging coupling reactions has resulted in the development of more advanced catalysts and the use of many different metals.
    • Hence, more and more sophisticated scavengers are needed, with improved chelating properties for more than just standard transition metals (Pd, Pt, etc.).
    • SiliaMetS AMPA is a silica-supported aminoalkylphosphonic acid ligand : it has an aminopropyl linker and two (2) methylphosphonic acid functional groups.
    • It is a function known for its good metal chelating abilities.
    • SiliaMetS AMPA is the first AMPA silica-supported on the market and a very powerful tool to scavenge Lanthanides, but it is also very potent for metals such as Aluminium, Antimony, Cobalt, Copper, Iron, Manganese, Nickel, Vanadium, and Zinc.
  • Additional Information

    Array AMPA
    Family / Formats SiliaMetS® (Metal Scavengers)
    Endcapping Endcapped
    Storage Condition Keep dry under Argon
    Solvent Compatibility All organic solvents
    Typical Tap Density 707 g/L
    Molecular Loading 0.80 mmol/g
    Color Yellow
    Aluminum (Al) Preferred Scavengers
    Antimony (Sb) Preferred Scavengers
    Cerium (Ce) Preferred Scavengers
    Cobalt (Co) Scavenge
    Copper (Cu) Scavenge
    Dysprosium (Dy) Preferred Scavengers
    Erbium (Er) Preferred Scavengers
    Europium (Eu) Preferred Scavengers
    Iron (Fe) Scavenge
    Gadolinium (Gd) Preferred Scavengers
    Holmium (Ho) Preferred Scavengers
    Lanthanum (La) Preferred Scavengers
    Lutetium (Lu) Preferred Scavengers
    Manganese (Mn) Preferred Scavengers
    Neodymium (Nd) Preferred Scavengers
    Nickel (Ni) Scavenge
    Praseodymium (Pr) Preferred Scavengers
    Promethium (Pm) Preferred Scavengers
    Samarium (Sm) Preferred Scavengers
    Terbium (Tb) Preferred Scavengers
    Thulium (Tm) Preferred Scavengers
    Tungsten (W) Scavenge
    Vanadium (V) Preferred Scavengers
    Ytterbium (Yb) Preferred Scavengers
    Zinc (Zn) Scavenge
    Scavenge Others Scavenge
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