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SiliaMetS® DEAM (R54430B-25g)

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SiliaMetS® DEAM (R54430B-25g)

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    Array Diamine
    Family / Formats SiliaMetS® (Metal Scavengers)
    Particle Size 40-63 µm / 230-400 mesh
    Pore Size 60 Å
    Quantity 25 g
    Endcapping Endcapped
    Storage Condition Keep dry, cool (<8°C) and under Argon
    Solvent Compatibility All solvents, aqueous and organic
    Molecular Loading 1.09 mmol/g
    Iron (Fe) Preferred Scavengers
    Silver (Ag) Preferred Scavengers
    Titanium (Ti) Preferred Scavengers
    Tin (Sn) Preferred Scavengers
    Zinc (Zn) Preferred Scavengers