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SiliaPrep MB, TAAcONa

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SiliaPrep MB, TAAcONa

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Product Number Quantity Bed Weight Cartridges Volume  
SPMB-R69230B-045P 48/box 500 mg 4 mL

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SPMB-R69230B-100S 24/box 1000 mg 10 mL

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Product Description


  • Details

    SiliaPrep MB TAAcONa will lower the residual metal concentration of various metal complexes (Ca, Cd, Cr, Cs, Cu, Fe, Ir, La, Li, Mg, Ni, Os, Pd, Rh, Ru, Sc, Sn and Zn) to single digit ppm. These Metal Scavenging SPE cartridges are unique and they have significantly changed how chemists can prepare active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs). Any synthetic pathway is now possible, even the ones using metal catalysts!

  • Additional Information

    Support Backbone Silica Gels
    Array TAAcONa
    Family / Formats SiliaPrep™ (SPE Cartridges)
    Particle Size 40 - 63 µm / 230 - 400 mesh
    Pore Size 60 Å
    Storage Condition Keep dry
    Endcapping Non-endcapped