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SiliaPrep SPE Large Reservoir Volume (LRV) Cartridges Cysteine (SPC-R80530B)

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SiliaPrep SPE Large Reservoir Volume (LRV) Cartridges Cysteine (SPC-R80530B)

Product Description


  • Details

    SiliaMetS® Cysteine (Si-Cys) is the silica bound equivalent of the amino acid Cysteine. By attaching the molecule to the backbone via the amino group, the thiol group remains free and accessible for higher metal scavenging efficiency. It is a versatile metal scavenger for a variety of metals including Pd, Sn, Ru, Pt, Cu, Rh, Cd and Sc under a wide range of conditions and the preferred metal scavenger for tin residues.

    Best scavenger for: Cd, Fe, Ir, Os, Ru, Sc & Sn

    Good scavenger for: Ca, Cr, Cs, Cu, La, Mg, Pd, Pt, Rh, Se & Zn

  • Additional Information

    Support Backbone Silica Gels
    Array Cysteine
    Particle Shape Irregular
    Family / Formats SiliaPrep™ (SPE Cartridges)
    Particle Size 40 - 63 µm / 230 - 400 mesh
    Pore Size 60 Å