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SiliaSep Empty Solid-Load Cartridges, 55 mL, 100/box (SPL-0012-055)

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SiliaSep Empty Solid-Load Cartridges, 60 mL, 100/box (SPL-0012-060)

Product Description


  • Details

    Empty Luer-Lock (with 2 frits) cartridges are designed to be used with SiliaSep cartridges for sample loading.

    The use of solid-load technique (also called dry-load) will improve chromatography resolution, especially for compounds soluble only in strong solvents or in large volumes of solvents.

    For silica-sample slurry, dry by evaporating the solvent for a more concentrated sample and to eliminate any solvent effect on the purification.

    For a dry sample slurry, use a 1:1 ratio (1 g of silica for 1 g of dry sample) but for an oily sample prefer a 3:1 ratio (3 g of silica for 1 g of oily sample).

  • Additional Information

    Particle Shape Irregular
    Family / Formats SiliaSep™ (Flash Cartridges)
    Quantity 100/box