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SiliaPlate HPTLC Plates, Glass-Backed, C2, Optimized for KMnO4, 200 µm, UV indicator (TLG-R32614BK)

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SiliaPlate HPTLC Plates, Glass-Backed, C2, 200 µm, UV indicator (TLG-R32614BK)

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Product Number Plate Thickness Quantity Plate Size  
TLG-R32614BK-713 200 µm 25/box 10 x 20 cm
TLG-R32614BK-313 200 µm 25/box 20 x 20 cm

Product Description


  • Details

    Available sizes: 10 x 20 cm & 20 x 20 cm

    Please note that for functionalized TLC plates, all purchases are final, non-refundable and non-exchangeable.

  • Additional Information

    Array C2
    Family / Formats SiliaPlate™ (TLC Plates)
    F254 indicator Yes