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University Kit - SiliCycle MiniBlock® XT Basic 24-Positions with Heat Dispersion Adapter

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MiniBlock XT - 6 positions

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    University Kit: 24-Positions (18mL reactors) MiniBlock XT with Heat Dispersion Adapter

    The MiniBlock XT is an easy-to-operate parallel synthesis system designed for synthesis and screening reactions. Applications include synthesis of small organic molecules, optimization of critical process parameters, and screening for optimal reaction conditions.

    The MiniBlock XT is used by chemists working in biopharma, chemical, petrochemical, and polymers. The MIniBlock XT has a flexible and modular design that fits easily into your workflow and is ideal for applications supported by statistical Design of Experiments (DoE).

    MiniBlock XT enables reactions to be run under stringent conditions allowing complete freedom to choose a synthetic route. Also, designed by the discovery and development team at Bristol-Myers Squibb, the MiniBlock® XT has been further developed and enhanced to be compatible to the MiniBlock product line.
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