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DAC Silica Weight Calculator

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DAC column

Moving on from analytical columns method development to pilot or production scale has always represented a challenge. So too has the optimization of the packing procedures for large ID columns. Most columns for early method development are supplied prepacked by column manufacturers at relatively low costs. In order to keep these costs minimal as well as for convenience and availability reasons, most process scale column users have elected to integrate Dynamic Axial Compression (DAC) column production in their own facilities whenever they need large ID columns (> 21.2 mm).

The quantity of silica required to pack a DAC column is solely dictated by the column size needed and the density of the silica used. The calculator below will help you get right away the silica weight you need for your application.


Column Length (mm):

Column Internal Diameter (mm):

Bulk Silica Density (g/mL or g/cm3):


DAC Column Volume: mL or cm3

Bulk silica weight needed to pack the DAC column: g